The Flash Games Fetish


Flash games take video games to the next level. I like flash based games because they look cute and I'm a sucker for animations. They're fun to play, often simple short ones that do not take most of your time. They're what I call a relaxation when you want to indulge in short breaks between work. I do not encourage doing this at your office though. OK, now getting on to the real deal, you can play these games for free online at This is the largest den of flash games I've ever seen. It also offers a lot of variety right from kids games to sports, puzzles, and multiplayer games. It's a treat to people like me. I can just go on and on once I begin doing it. It is so damn addictive.

Do you also like flash based games? Do you know any other such websites that offer free flash games? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you.

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