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Hello there! radio lovers. Don't worry if you have lost your FM player or don't have one. There are a huge number of online radio stations out there that will let you play your favorite stations and bands for free. Obviously, I googled, and here is the list of websites that satisfy your craving for good music if you are an audiophile like me.

The following links will take you to some English music stations:

1) Live365
2) Ampradio
3) Lastfm
4) DIfm
5) Shoutcast
6) BPMfm
7) KLTY-Texas
8) 1Club
9) ChicagoPublicRadio
10) TheLite
11) Fresh1059
12) 93xrt
13) Kiss
14) WILV

Some of them may require you to register for free.

Following are some online music communities that you would not quite call radio stations coz they are not what you could listen on your FM player, but they will play your favorite songs for you. Some of them might host radio stations too but that is not their number one priority. These websites also allow you to create a playlist of your favorite songs and share it with your friends. It's like you can start your own online radio station channeling all your favorite artists/genres/songs.

1) Jango
2) Playlist
3) Mixpod
4) Pandora
5) onlineradiostations
6) LoudCity
7) PCBoomRadio
8) RadioTime
9) WadioMedia
10) MTV

For all Telugu FM radio listeners, Raj has provided us with an online stream of FM channels. Listening is totally free, no ads, pop-ups and other hassles like registering or paying for it. Visit Voicevibes and click on the radio channel you want to listen, from the list. FM Radio is just a click away; technology leaves me gobsmacked time and again!

Do you know of any other such websites that allow you to listen to radio stations for free? Please do comment with the links, if you do. But please ensure that there are no ads, pop-ups, spyware etc. ;)

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