Gone With The Wind

Gone with the wind, as everybody knows is a story from ancient South America by Margret Mitchell. A movie about a civilization gone with the wind and better than anyone's imagination. I think a lot of you will agree with me when I say that a movie so great has never been made. No wonder it has received so many accolades. The Civil War, which none of this generation even knew about was pictured at its best. I surprised myself by watching it thrice on the same day. Scarlet O' Hara could never have been played by anyone else other than Vivian Leigh. The very first scene where she's seen with her twin boyfriends made me feel as if she has walked out right from the book to play her part in the movie. She had acted with such an ease as if she was playing herself in real life. Clark Gable was wonderful and he fit the role perfectly in my opinion. Though I did not like him when I watched the movie for the first time, the interest in his character grew as I went on watching the movie again and again. I'm now convinced that none but himself could have played the playboy character who couldn't help but fall in love with an equally passionate girl. Fiddle-dee-dee! what a great movie. Everyone must watch it at least once in their lifetime.

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geniusOid said...

All i can see is a blank screen! x-(

Kindly explain

rads said...

Please install IE7 if you don't have already. And if the website asks you to add a plugin or addon please accept it. Disable your pop-up blocker for this website.

lafemmereva said...

I so so so love this book!! Also Emma, sense and sensibility and pride and prejudice!! My gawd!! Must haves!

rads said...

Hey, they are my favs too. I read all Jane Austen and I'm a gr8 fan of hers.