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Hi there, I'm Rads and thanks for visiting my blog. Right now, I'm not sure what I'd be writing about on my blog. It'll most probably be a bunch of ramblings by me on various topics that I like talking about and which I feel are worth sharing. Mostly I will be writing just about anything and everything under the sun because I love writing/blogging. Whatever maybe the topic I choose, it'll be based on my POV, and experience. I give my honest opinion on stuff because I'm usually documenting a lot of things for myself and for future references. I'm also open to ideas, if you want me to write about a particular topic, do send me an email, I will definitely consider it. This blog will be my go to place whenever I feel like writing and expressing my thoughts.

Some things to Note:

All opinions are my own and not necessarily influenced by anybody/anything unless I mention it. I do not take responsibility for websites linked on my blog. If anything happens to your computer after clicking them, please do not blame me. I do check every website before linking to it on my blog and I do not support piracy or any other such websites hosting illegal content. I also ensure that they do not carry any viruses or spyware. If a particular link is dead please send me an email reporting it, I'll either update it with a new one or remove it.

Most images are my own unless otherwise mentioned/credited. I do however often post images from Google Images. If you find one of your copyrighted pictures here and do not wish to see it, kindly send me an email and I'll remove it as soon as possible. If you wish to use any of the images I own, from this blog, please ask me, leave a comment or send me an email. If I agree to your usage, you will have to link them back to me or at least credit me. Please do not hotlink images or use them without permission.

All the products that I talk about are bought by me with my money; I do not get anything for free, and I am not being asked by anyone to write about them for compensation. I give my honest opinion on stuff that I use. But, please do not buy anything on impulse, purely based on my opinion, and if you do so, do not come back and blame me if it has not worked out well for you. Also, do not dislike a product based on my opinion.

Do not plagiarize and copy text verbatim from this blog. I put a lot of effort in each of my blog post whether in writing or images, so please do not steal my work. If you find that any of my work is copied or plagiarized, which will not be done, let me know and I will remove it. When I quote other people's text I usually mention it and may or may not credit the person always. If you do not like that, please let me know and I will remove it as soon as possible. I do however conduct researches online and offline for some blog posts and such posts may carry information from those sources. If the source feels like it is illegally being used, let me know and I will remove the post or rewrite it with my own text.

Please view the blog's copyrights (displayed on the right most corner of the blog) and disclaimer (at the very bottom of the blog), if this is your first visit.

Thanks for dropping by and spending your precious time here. Hope you enjoy reading. Please share your opinion on any topic you like. You can leave your opinion as a comment or you can send me an email. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Have a nice day!

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