I Hate Spam Mails

All of us are victims to emails which come from unknown people out of the blue. Open your Inbox and you suddenly find stupid annoying emails from some Samantha Andrews or John Smith whom you never even knew existed. It's so funny how it's always an American / English name. And I wonder how people know our ids.

People who are new to browsing the internet, mostly kids, open these emails and get attacked by viruses as soon as they install or download something from the email. Spammers usually spread chain emails which have content like, "If you do not forward it you will witness bad luck", or emails asking for help saying that they have a sick daughter whose suffering from cancer and by forwarding the email we might help them in getting a donation etc. There are juicier ones too where the person claims to be an only sibling left and will be inheriting a million dollars and needs someone to help him/her utilize it by proper investment and that if we can't do so, forward it to someone who can. How stupid do they think people are? And how stupid are people forwarding these chain emails. Don't they know that our email ids are stored and sold to companies for marketing and advertising purposes?

By forwarding such emails we are helping spammers or worst becoming spammers indirectly. So in order to get rid of spam the least we can do is stop forwarding chain emails and whenever we get an email from an unknown person immediately report it as spam. May God save us from spammers. Do you have any tips to block spam? Please do comment, I'd like to hear from you.

Update: Feb, 2016: Spam mails bug us so much that this one guy decided to make a TED video on it. And the battle with spam mails is still on after 10 years! Some things need more than decades to change I guess.

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