I don't understand why the movie or in fact even the book was named Rebecca, coz this movie is not about Rebecca, its in fact about a young and naive girl who marries the haunted widower of Rebecca, and how she makes him forget her and get his salvation. Maybe "The death of Rebecca" would have been a more apt title considering the fact that it was also Alfred Hitchcock's movie. The story is kind of a romantic mystery where there is both the true love of the protagonist Maxim De Winter played by Laurence Olivier and his love interest played by Joan Fontaine, and also the mystery of how or why his ex-wife Rebecca died. The romantic part of the story is only as long as the two love birds fall for each other at first sight and get married soon after that. Then they move to Max's house at Manderley, which looks like a haunted mansion in a no man's land. There is also a very mysterious maid Mrs. Danvers played by Judith Anderson who's still clinging to thoughts of Rebecca as the mistress of the house. She is bent on making the new bride's life a living hell and being Mrs. De Winter becomes overwhelming to poor girl but she's determined to find out why everybody is the way they are and finally solves the mystery to prove her love to her husband. The movie definitely does justice to the book by Daphne du Maurier. Alfred Hitchcock produced the movie along with David O. Selznick, the producer of Gone With the Wind. These two great names associated with this movie made me watch it but I did not find it very impressive, maybe becoz I belong to a different generation, or maybe I just had higher expectations. The book though is a very good read coz of the way it was written, a true classic.

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