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There's this funny website which I came across that allows you to upload your picture and turns it into Mona Lisa or makes it look like a newspaper's wanted column. This is done using the latest face detecting technology. Try it for yourself at Its amazing!!! There's yet another website which can create a puzzle out of your picture, blend it with poetry or place your flowery text on grass. Isn't it fun? Do it at

You can also convert your picture into a pencil sketch using this sketch generator at Turn your picture into an Easter egg decoration or an amazing goo at

You can re-size or crop your picture at This website also has additional tools that can sharpen or blur your image. A simple crop and rounded corners can be obtained at

Also, those who can't afford or do not know how to work on Adobe Photoshop can go to Pixlr create amazing photoshop effects. Fotoflexer has a much more variety of effects compared to Picnik and it even offers Bokeh effect! SumoPaint has a photoshop like interface where you can edit pictures online. Splashup is some what in the same lines. Free Online Editor does pretty much the same job. It has some simple and easy sepia, grayscale, and glitter effects. Image Editor has a simple onscreen editor with pretty simple features for a quick edit. LunaPic has an editor which can frame, vignette, and animate your pictures. Aviary Phoenix has a photoshop interface with some good filters like Kuwahara, Erode, and Metallic. DrPic has some really good polaroid and oilpaint effects. Flauntr makes you go wow with its widerange of photoshop like effects, only you would have to register for free first. AlilG is a very simple tool for a very quick edit or drawing. PiZap has some funny comical effects and animations. Pixer has some good effects like textile, rusty, and clouds. CellSea has some good paint, distort, and blur effects. Picture2Life is where you can edit, make a collage, animate, and add simple effects to pictures. LookWoW has some good portrait edits to touch up your pictures and add effects to them. Phixr has a lot of unique photo effects. Pixenate has some good enhancing, normalizing and colorizing effects. BeFunky is another cool website with artsy and painterly effects.

FatPaint is an online graphic design tool that allows you to create 3d and fractal designs and download them for free. BigHugeLabs is another website in collaboration with Flickr that allows you to create free pop art and motivational posters, collages etc. You can find a lot more links to such websites where you can either edit and have fun with your pictures, or indulge in some drawing, painting or sketching with different kinds of pre-defined brushes and other such tools, over here:, and designbeep.

Though all of these websites do not substitute for software like "Photoshop" they are really good for editing photos online or creating a simple drawing instead of having to go through the hassle of installing a software into your system, and trust me they are far better than the default MS Paint. Art is all about having fun, so go ahead and have some fun :)

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