Anne: The Green Gable Gal

Anne, with an "e" as the character likes to call herself in Kevin Sullivan's series of Anne movies based on L. M. Montgomery's books (Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea etc.,) is a sweet little Canadian orphan gal who cannot but capture your heart with her easy innocence and charm. She's a dreamer and doesn't care for mundane tasks and is often getting into trouble for her absent mindedness and recklessness with her chores. As fate would have it she somehow lands into the lives of Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert who own a farmhouse called Green Gables somewhere near the Prince of Edward Island in a corner of Canada. Anne falls in love with this place instantly coz it seems like a dreamland to her (which it is) where she can indulge in her imaginary world of books and poetry. Marilla and Matthew who're bachelors were actually expecting a boy from the orphanage so that they could train him to take care of Green Gables after them but soon fall in love with Anne and decide to keep her. Anne grows up in this beautiful countryside, makes friends, and learns the ways of life. She excels at school and is liked by her teachers, most of the time. She's a spirited young lady and is often teased becoz for her red hair and short temper that seem to go hand in hand. She's courageous and is ready to defend herself even though she knows she never has a chance at winning. She can sweet talk anybody into listening to her. She feels strongly about Green Gables and its the only place she considers as home. She's contented with what life has given her and tries to make the most of it. Kevin Sullivan has managed to capture L. M. Montgomery's emotions very well and the movie is so dreamy just like Green Gables. Megan Follows looks like she's walked out of the books. Gilbert Blythe who's the love interest of Anne in this story is played by Jonathan Crombie and boy does he look cute. The 1985 and the 1987 series are the only ones based on the book and according to me the only ones worth watching.

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