Existence after death, a reasoning, or not


The other day, I have been watching Sixth Sense. Night Shyamalan has done a wonderful job yet again. After watching the movie I kept pondering on whether ghosts really do exist and is there a reason for their souls to hang around someone who can help them? My grandma always said that where people believe there is good, they should believe there is evil too. Many of us are God fearing and does that mean we should be devil fearing too and is that why we seek protection from God? Well, if I was realistic, I'd feel that if there is no reason for the existence of God there is no reason for the existence of evil too. But being the spiritualist I am, I feel that both exist. No matter what I think, Night Shyamalan had a unique way of showing why ghosts exist and what they want from humans. So the next time you feel your sixth sense warning you about the arrival a ghost in need of help, be sure to help it. Just kidding :). But the movie was really good and I'd love to watch it again and again.

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