Da Vinci Code---Fact Vs Fiction

Now that the movie is being shown in theatres and has created such a hype everybody's interested in knowing the truth behind the best selling book by Dan Brown. The book which is majorly pictured on sites in Paris has also awakened lots of tourists to the enigmatic place. The book is actually a quest for the Holy Grail--a hidden secret which forms the legendry chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper. Tourist agents in Paris have even started Da Vinci tours just to aquaint the curious crowds with what is real and what is not. The book is centered around this Holy Grail with two rivals, Priory of Sion----trying to protect it & the Opus Dei----trying to seize it, according to Dan Brown. The story begins with the murder of the curator of the Louvre Museum, Jacques Sauniere, who is responsible for guarding the hiding place of the Holy Grail. But the curator has left some clues which leads the heroes Robert Langdon (professor of symbolism at Harvard) and Sophie Neven (a French police cryptographer) to a trail.
Da Vinci tours are based on this trail. The trail begins in the Saint Germian market. Here theres a 12cm grounded bronze disc on which are engraved the letters "N" & "S". Dan Brown has mentioned it to be a marker for the Ancient Path of Sacred Significance, which leads to the Holy Grail. But in fact it is the Paris meridian, created in 1667 by the cryptographers of Louis XIV as the reference point by which world travellers calculated their position on the globe until 1884, when the British imposed the Greenwich Meridian.
The second landmark in the trial is the Saint-Sulpice church. According to Dan Brown the Paris meridian leads straight to the church but in fact they are 10m apart. This church has some orthodox visitors who don't appreciate the novel. This church was built in the 17th century by a parish priest who wanted a building that would "shine light upon the mystery" of his religion. This is the fact which was fictioned by Dan Brown as the place for obscure practices & murder. Opus Dei (work of God in Latin) is actually a catholic community in Paris who directly work with the Pope. They are on a mission to create awareness of the universal call to sanctity. Quite unlike the proceedings in the book. Priory of Sion, its existence traced back to 1956 & is based on false documents.
There are some more facts which the present parish priest of Saint-Sulpice got to say. The letters "PS" on the church glass windows do not mean, "Priory of Sion", in fact they mean "Saint Peter". The obelisk standing in the northern transept is not of Egyptian pagan origin, in fact its a scientific tool installed by astronomers in 1743 to perfect calculations of the earth's rotation and the date of the spring equinox. The candellabras which are now looked by visitors as weapons are actually so heavy that it requires 3 men to lift each. But in the book Silas used it to kill a sister in the church out of his frustation, created coz he missed the Holy Grail and was lead to a wrong mark. Also Saint-Sulpice is not a former temple dedicated to goddess Isis.No such edifice ever existed.
The third landmark is the Louvre Museum. This museum has the famous painting of Da Vinci: La Joconde or the Mona Lisa in its gallery. In the book,at the gallery's main door, Silas fires his pistol at Sauniere through "a thundering iron gate", that falls from the cieling above. But in fact theres no such construction in the building. Also there is no window in the restrooms using which Robert & Sophie escape from police,according to the book. And according to Robert in the book, Da Vinci was a feminist and so he has made Mona Lisa look more majestic from the left than the right coz historically left is female & right is male. This realisation that Da Vinci is a feminist leads Robert & Sophie to the most explosive secrets ever----"the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdelene, their offspring, and the Machiavellian obstinacy of the Catholic church, intent on minimizing the role of women in favor of a masculine-dominated religion".
Outside the courtyard of the church is another proof of the entire Da Vinci Mania---a golden medallion marking the Paris meridian has disappeared. It was stolen by an admirer...:)). There ends the Da Vinci tour.
-Adapted from Readers Digest,May 2006.

Image courtesy: http://www.impawards.com/

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Ravan (SiD) said...

well, the facts mentioned here perfectly co-ordinates with the legend of priori.
I believe Dan Brown has modified reality, but there are countless books which mark the exact legend.
Yes, the letters PS mark priori, in classical physics book, Newton says how his laws of motion mock the very foundation of church.
As far as 'scientific' instruments in church is concerned, they are all part of the legend.
Btw. I took the pains of verifying the legend and yes it is true.
The industrial revolution was pioneered by members of Priori. So where the founders of USA

rads said...

@Ravan (SiD): WOW your analysis is quite interesting. The facts I mentioned were actually from a readers digest edition. Thanks for sharing your stuff.

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Rads, some thoughts on the same topic...


infact just go digging on tag Church, God on my blog...:D