Fun Bugs in Windows XP

Solitaire, Free Cell and Pinball are three among the few default games that Microsoft provides on Windows XP. I came across this article on a few bugs in these games in a newspaper, and also read about these bugs on several websites that I came across while browsing and found them fun to try out.

Free cell was never my game, out of ten I manage to make a single. Wish there was some magical spell that can make me win each and every deal I take up and that too in a single move. Wouldn't that be great!!! Here's one prank that can make u the jaadoogar of cards n king/queen of hearts. As soon as you start a game of free cell press ctrl+shift+f10, then a dialog box opens showing u three buttons "abort", "retry" and "ignore". Click "abort" and make a single move to win your game.

To win a game of solitaire u just have to press alt+shift+2 and your game is over without even having to make a move :)

Pinball is a game you find on Windows XP and further versions. Wish you could always be placed on top rank without even having to play the game??? Would'nt that be naughty and wicked!!! Yeah, I would love to do that. All you gotta do is type "rmax" as soon as you start the game and in case you want an extra ball other than the default offered, you need to type "1max" and you have a ball more than others have on their default settings.

Man!!! Windows OS has lots of bugs, no wonder, hackers find it so attractive. There is yet another bug which I've noticed when I was practicing html on my PC. Try it for yourself.
Create a folder named 'notepad' on your desktop. Now open any webpage on the internet and view its source and bingo youur 'notepad' folder is opened. At first, I thought my PC is down with virus but later came to know that it happens on all PCs using Windows.
Try them out :)

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