Transcend T610 2GB MP3 Player

My very first electronic gadget, all mine. I recently got this cute looking mp3 player from Transcend that looks like an iPod, but only at a much affordable price. It is kind of like a combination of pen-drive and mp3 player. I just wanted to buy a pen drive for my classes but when I heard about this new and amazing combination which was rare back then I couldn't resist. I got it for 3k in a local electronic store and fell in love with it. It is very easy and hassle free to use. It has an inbuilt 2GB memory, along with FM and voice recording. The package also comes with a nice tight cover for the player. Sound quality is amazing for the price. It is quite user-friendly and just like a pen drive, you have to plug-in, drag-n-drop the songs and whatever other files you want to store, charge it for a maximum of 2 to 3 hours and you can listen to it for a whole day. That's an excellent battery life isn't it? I've not left without it for a single day since the time I got it. Know more about its specs and what the player can do from

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kittymatti said...

wow! Will surely recommend this product to anyone who buys mp3 player next! Nice info:)

rads said...

Yea its a cool gadget and very user-friendly...Thanks :)