Adding smilies to your blog :)


Many people are crazy about smilies. They are constantly using them everywhere on chat messengers, status lines, emails etc., and I feel that it is a use of expression by all happy people. But sadly does not have smilies. Since technology has made the impossible things possible so have people using blogs, by creating a code that can add smilies to their posts.
Thanks to Deepa for this script using which you can display almost any smiley image ever created. You can get the script and instructions to add it to your template from Deepa's blog
Kudos to Deepa. Aren't you happy to be a reader of my blog :) I know, I'm so cheeky!

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Deepa said...

Thank you for linking back to me and glad u liked this feature

Deepa said...

I will be offline till 10 sept.. may be after 10th i will look into the smiley at the title.. would it be ok ? /?

Deepa said...

I see that u r smielys are placed in the next line so its diffcult for me to see the inline alignment.. can u plase write something like.. hello :) so that both the text and the smiley appear in the same line.. i shall wait and refresh u r post to see

Deepa said...

donot worry if u dont have the .post img {} in your template... you can add it manually below the .post body tag

.post-body {
line-height: 140%;

.post img {
padding: 0px;
border: 0px solid #cccccc;

lafemmereva said...

wah!!! ive always wanted this too!!

rads said...

yea it is amazing na