HDFC Internet Banking

For many of you who have opened a HDFC account recently and do not know how to apply for online banking, here's how you do it:

1) Call HDFC Phone Banking (toll free) and ask them to activate your online banking account. Keep your customer id and account number with you while doing so.
2) The IPIN number will be couriered to your address within 7 working days, if everything works well and the employees of HDFC care enough to mail it.

However, this usually takes time and does not get posted to you at all sometimes. So here is a solution for it. Browse to hdfcbank/netbanking_faqs and click on the faq "What is the process for regeneration of IPIN(password)". This will take you to a procedure which clearly explains how to acquire your IPIN. Just follow the instructions and you'll have your IPIN within seconds. You can also use this whenever you have forgotten your password. It is advisable to change it frequently for security reasons.

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