Photography Digitalized with Samsung Digimax

I love capturing nature, especially the sunset, beaches, flora and fauna. With the advent of digital cameras this has become easier. I own a Samsung Digimax S500 with 5.1MP, 3X optical zoom and many more good features to list which can be found here. It is a compact P&S camera with an ergonomic design and what I love about it is that it easily fits into my handbag. It is a pretty good digital camera for an affordable price. I got it for 6k in a deal. Though I would love to own a Canon Digital Rebel SLR camera, I need more experience to handle that. But owning a DSLR camera is not enough to get good shots. There is more to photography than that. But before exploring the world of digital photography and start shooting I needed some guidance and know-hows to work around my camera and get the best possible shots. The manual definitely helps with the basics but I needed a more generic view of what digital photography is and what should be expected from digital cameras. After a lot of googling I came across some very good websites that offer free tutorials for dummies like me. If you are one, you can use the help.

Here goes the list:

But before you can proceed, also read some reviews on what type of digital camera you should buy. Though I would recommend my Samsung Digimax, I feel that everybody has their own requirements to choose from. For this I have a list of websites that can help you:
1) (this gives you a generic idea)
2) (this compares brands with prices and rates the top 5 cameras)
3) (this is a nice 9-step guide)

Now, I can say that I do not miss my unrepairable Yashica roll-film camera anymore. By now you must've reached a conclusion too on what you need regarding cameras and got to know some basics on digital photography. Hope you have enjoyed my post. So happy clicking and don't forget to check my photostream linked to the right.

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