Dosa Fetish

Cooking has never been for me. I'm not a foodie either. But my husband likes me to dish out everything at home. I never stepped into the kitchen before my marriage. Kitchen was only for my Mom. But after my wedding things have never been the same. I struggled to learn a few of the veg curries and some breakfast items from my Mom. But both of us got bored with these regular dishes. So to spice up our favorite dishes, and not tempt ourselves to eat out every day, I started browsing the internet and found out some ways to do that.

Dosa is an all time fave of both the husband and I. We love eating it with the yummy peanut and coconut chutneys but after a while the plain dosa lost its interest. So we often went out to get something different during the weekends like the rava and masala dosa. But I found out these dishes can be made at home too and without much effort. Masala dosa is nothing but adding some potato and onion curry to it, so this was simple and didn't need any help from the internet. I made sure that I made potato curry the previous night so that I can refrigerate the leftovers and use the same in the morning to roll it into my plain dosa. So there you go, we had our masala dosa and a healthier one compared to the hotel version. We enjoyed it with coconut chutney.

Soon we got bored of this as well. So I googled and found a great video from Sanjay Thumma, a chef who hosts cooking videos on his website: He had this simple and easy recipe for rava dosa which was kind of like an instant rava dosa where I wouldn't have to prepare the dosa batter and ferment it overnight. I was really excited when I found this and immediately got all the ingredients required to experiment it. He explains how to make this dosa in a video and calls it a quick version of the rava dosa. It came out so well, I was surprised. We had it with peanut chutney. The husband was skeptical at first but he loved it and it soon became a permanent for us during our dosa weekends.

I feel like a dosa king, I finally mastered all kinds of dosa: the plain, masala, onion, and rava dosas. yay! Dosa weekends were never more healthier and yummier. Check his website for more South Indian recipes. He's gr8!

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Surkhab said...

it looks spicy and delicious ...nice presentation

rads said...

@Surkhab: Thanks :) Welcome to my blog.