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I never thought I could actually watch some of my favorite Movies and TV Shows online and that too all for free and legally so. A quick google search and I came across some awesome websites that got me hooked for a few days now.

Rajshri is one such website which offers a huge collection of TV shows like Hum Panch, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, Hip Hip Hurray etc. Those who regret missing them on air can watch them again here. The website also has over 400 bollywood/hindi movies, famous music videos and songs.

Hulu is another website which has a huge collection of hollywood/english movies and famous TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, Glee etc., all for free. Enjoy!

Fancast is another website similar to Hulu that has all currently aired TV shows and a great list of oscar winning movies.

Crackle has a lot of free and uncut movies and original TV shows for free to watch online.

Youtube Movies has some really good movies for free in various genres.

My Lifetime is full of movies and TV shows based on women, and for women. This is where you can find some great romantic comedies and chick flicks.

IMDB has a huge database of full length movies that you watch for free.

Video Duniya claims to host legally free movies that you can watch on their website.

Indie Movies Online is a licensed website that hosts a lot of free movies, documentaries, and short films made by amateurs.

Legal Movies Online has a very good collection of free movies and classic TV Shows that they host with ads in between the stream to generate revenue for the free stuff they offer.

Archive is a huge free stuff database that has a lot of copyrights free movies to watch online.

The Entertainment Magazine has a lot of classics to watch and download for free.

If you like watching creative short films then you should head to Vimeo and you wouldn't be disappointed. While you are there check out my page too, its linked to the right.

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