Wuthering Heights

The very first romantic novel I read when I was in school. And boy was I glad I read it coz till then I thought fiction books were all like the Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys books. The book had a mystic appeal which lasts throughout and leaves you emotionally drained by the end. Recently, I also got to watch the movie released in 1992, based on this book. The movie stars Juliette Binouche as the untamed and beautiful Catherine Earnshaw and Ralph Fiennes as the evil and possessive Heathcliff. They played the parts quite well and the movie was enjoyable though it missed many moments from the book. The movie also features a lady playing Emily Bronte, the author. She starts it as a narrative and then the story continues normally. I simply loved the way she ended the movie with a note saying "Together, they are afraid of nothing. They would brave Satan and all his legions. And the price? Three graves by a low wall where the churchyard meets the open moor. A generation lost and gone. Edgar, Cathy, Heathcliff. May they sleep sound in that quiet earth. But country folk will swear on their Bibles that he still walks... ". You can watch the classic 1939 version of Wuthering Heights at hulu.com. You might have to register for free but the movie is worth watching especially for those who don't have the patience to read. Although, the book is the one which is more engrossing. Its the first and last book by Emily Bronte. This fact also makes the book more intriguing.

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Revathi said...

I read this book. Its a timeless romantic classic. One of my favorites. Liked your post.

rads said...

Thanks Revathi. Its my fav too :)