Anybody who's been watching the Academy Awards 2009 would have seen it has been raining Oscars for India. India has been waiting for this glorious moment for 27 years and what a price for that. And the most happiest part is AR Rahman - The GOD of Indian Music winning 2 Oscars in a row. His original score and song "Jai Ho" which was written by Gulzar would have beaten anything there. What a sight it would have been to all of them sitting at the Oscars and to millions of people watching the event on TV when Rahman was singing "O Saya". I had tears in my eyes and was so happy for Rahman who's 17 years of hard work paid off. Though Slumdog Millionaire was not one of his best compositions of all time, by winning an Oscar the music genius had finally proved it to everybody. Now people worldwide will really take notice of his talent.
CONGRATS!!! Rahman you did it!!

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preposterous girl said...

hey rads..
yeah u bang getting oscar rahamn finally got his due..
BTW nice template..
keep blogging

rads said...

thanks preposterous girl :)

Louise | said...

Congratulations to A.R. Rahman! I actually didn't expect him to win. But knowing that Slumdog Millionaire has an awesome soundtrack, it's no surprise that he did. :)