Dear Computer

On a boring day, I decided to do something creative and started googling about generative art. While doing so, I accidentally came across this funny link which accepts a keyword, and based on it collects a clump of stories from around the web and creates a funny story. I felt it was amazing. Try it out here

When I typed "rads", which happens to be my online nick name, this is the result I got:
"It has a constant need to buy new hardware" along with something in Latin which I couldn't make out. Most amazingly, I am a gizmo freak :) Is that coincidence or what?

Do you come across any such fun stuff while browsing and think its absolutely amazing? Please do share.

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preposterous girl said...

interesting link!

Anonymous said...

This is soo damn funny. I entered "Jack" and this is the result I got.
He received his Ph.D.

All rights reserved.

Kadambari said...

Lol! This was fun! :D

rads said...

Thanks Kadambari :D