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OK, so I've been introduced to e-books lately and though I don't hate paperback bound books, I think I like the idea of getting or reading a book for free. But you might think that there's no such thing as a free book unless its piracy, well, you're totally wrong. You can get free e-books legally from several websites online and which have been my favorite ones for the last few months. Below is the list of websites that I like and recommend to all e-book fans.

1) Project Gutenberg : The very first link you get when you google for free and legal e-books is this website. It offers e-books in .txt, .html, and epub formats. You simply have to search by the Title or Author, click the link to the file type of your choice and save it to your harddisk. The website offers books in many languages too.

2) Web-Books : I came across this website when I was searching for a Jane Austen novel and boy am I glad I found it. It has a very good collection of classics. It gives you an option to read online or download. You just have to search for the book and click on the link to proceed.

3) Manybooks : Though it doesn't have a very good collection like the above two websites, it does have many good books for a free read/download. It also offers books in a huge variety of languages.

4) Planet E-book : This website is somewhat similar to Project Gutenberg. It has a very good collection of classic literature. It has e-books in my favorite format which is the .pdf format.

5) Classic Reader : This website has a huge collection varying from, fiction/ non-fiction to young readers and classics. The only problem is that you'd have to read them online.

6) eHarlequin : This website offers free reads of several romantic-fiction stories. They make a good read for anyone who's interested in mushy romance. They are, what I call, for a light-hearted reading when you are totally bored and have nothing else to do. I remember reading their paperbacks during boring lectures in college. eHarlequin also offers 16 titles for free to try out. They are available here for free download in .pdf format.

7) Mills & Boon : This is a sister website of eHarlequin. They have a lot of romantic-fiction books but you can read them online only. You can also try them out for free at Everyone's Reading where 12 titles are available for free download in epub format.

8) Free Tech-books : Like the name suggests, this website has a vast collection of technical books on computers, electronics, web-design, artificial intelligence etc.

9) Archive: This is a huge database of free e-books, kind of like a public library, and has a great collection. They run it on the motto "Universal Access to all knowledge." Isn't that so right?

10) Amazon: Yes, all you have to do is open a free account, download and install their free Kindle application and get access to their free limited time offer kindle book collection. You can also read the free books on their online kindle app to which the free books will be downloaded when you click Buy. You then have to sync your Kindle app to your online account to read them on your PC.

11) Open Library: This is another internet public library which a huge collection of great titles.

All the e-books offered by the above websites are free and legally so coz they have books that are either out of copyright dates or their authors and/or publishers decided to donate them for a free read. If you still do not find the book you need then you simply have to google for it and check if it is legally available for download or for reading online. Let me know if you have read any good e-books from the above listed websites or if you want to recommend any other such good websites that offer legally free reads/downloads. Please comment and leave me a link to the website. Will keep updating this post whenever I find more such websites.

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