Are you a shopaholic?

Do you go about ogling or drooling over a new dress or cosmetics or latest gadgets whenever you see there is a sale or whenever you pass by a striking store window? Then according to Sophie Kinsella, you are a shopaholic. I've got my hands on her book Confessions of a Shopahlic after watching the recent blockbuster movie. It is about a magazine's article writer, Rebecca Bloomwood who's addicted to shopping and can't control treating herself to a new dress or accessory whenever she finds about a sale or when a striking store's display catches her attention. But since all that doesn't come free, she uses the magic/credit cards and finally gets up to her eyeballs in debt. At this critical point she loses her job and in order to pay her bills she gets a job at a Savings magazine where she ironically writes about saving by saying no to credit cards and thus ending the financial crisis hitting the nation. Her article becomes so popular that her debt collector finally whom she'd been escaping all the while, finds her and exposes her to the audience on her interview with a popular TV channel. This incident also degrades her in front of her boss/love and her best friend. Having left with nothing she gets back to her senses, turns into the savings expert that her boss always thought she was, and clears her debts with a wardrobe sale. All-in-all a very entertaining and eye-opening movie. It is somewhere in the lines of Devil Wears Prada. To find out the detailed version of it I read the book and here are some points which I found and feel that everybody should follow:

  • Cancel all your credit cards and throw them into the dust-bin, coz that's where they are fit to be.
  • Plan to buy something only when you have the sufficient money for it.
  • Buy something only which is very necessary.
  • Do not borrow/lend money.
  • No matter how tempting it may be, do not fall for credit card calls and accept their sweet offers coz once you start using them it doesn't seem so sweet after all.
  • If you really feel low treat yourself to a nice book from a library, or a chocolate, or develop a hobby like blogging.
  • Keep yourself mostly occupied so that you would never want to think about going shopping, be it even window shopping coz we all know where that will end up.
  • Debts can ruin relationships and never let that happen if you want a supportive shoulder to be with you always.
I know its not very simple but try hard and the world will definitely be a better place when you don't have credit card bills coming up to your house with red bold threatening signs. A new dress is a new dress only until another new dress happens. But what's the use buying so many when sometimes you don't even remember that you have one already. Becky Bloomwood is a very good example of many modern-day women who think that owning a large number of credit cards and dressing up with a new dress daily is the in-thing, well maybe, but not if it ruins you. Just imagine if all of us have to throw away our credit cards, then all of those credit card companies that have been doomed due to people like Becky Bloomwood escaping them, would still have been in business and there might not have been an economic crisis ever.

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TW said...

Yep, I am a shopaholic and I did read this series.. its funny, light reading.. :)))

rads said...

yep it is...thanks for commenting :)

Saritha said...

I have read these books by Sophie Kinsella. They are indeed very interesting. I'm planning to watch this movie. Thanks for the info. Nice post.

rads said...

Thanks Saritha :) It is an interesting movie. It has also made to the UK Top 10. You must watch it. Thanks for commenting :)