Super Brain Yoga

The other day I recieved one of these usual forwarded emails which surprisingly caught my attention and was really interesting. It was about something called Super Brain Yoga. It is a simple exercise demonstrated in this youtube video which helps energizing the brain. Surprisingly in Andhra (India) this is a common thing done during Ganesha pooja. We call them 'gunjeellu'. It is said that we have to do these situps as many times as our age or atleast 11 times for those who can't do it, in order to please Lord Ganesha. Teachers also sometimes use this on kids as a punishment. Little did I know as a kid that this was a brain enhancing exercise and I always despised doing it. But now I'm glad to find out that this really helps. Well its all maybe as my parents say, "Everything is for your own good".

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Anonymous said...

We share the same name and surprise, you're a Rads, and telugu too! :)

I used to hate gunjeelu, but such an awesome hit no?


rads said...

yea defnitely a hit..thanks for commenting...n indeed a gr8 surprise...its the first time i'm bumping into another Rads online, n tht too a telugu gal :)

kittymatti said...

wow! This is interesting :)

rads said...

thanks kittymatti :)