Western Digital 500GB External Hard Drive

My new addition to the list of electronic gadgets is the Western Digital My Book Essential. It is an external hard drive with 500GB of storage space and under a $100. I have never used anything this big for storage before. The only experience I had was with a 2GB pendrive and a memory stick so far. It charges with an external power cord and a USB connecting cord. Easy to use and stores away thousands of files. Something like this is an essential for back-up. Good battery life and transfers files at an OK rate to and fro. There's a blue blinking light to the side which shows keeps running during the file transfers and also shows the level of charge. The downside is that it is best when working with Windows XP thought it does work with the latest Vista. Also, I would have preferred a smaller device with charges only with the USB port for the same price. I also did not like it having a mesh like arrangement on one side, coz it can easily be filled with dust. Its a little bulky to carry around and seems very fragile. Know more about its features here. Bought it online at jr.com.

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