Best Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Software

With the internet, there are also a lot of pains; virus and spyware being the major ones. But when it comes to getting rid of them there are not many such good programs out there which really protect our PC(s). I have tried many of them proclaiming to be the best and charging us huge amounts of money, only to see that it has all been a waste. Norton and McAfee are two such big budget software. They also occupy a lot of system disk space and memory; once you start running them you can't do anything else on your system even with a 2GB RAM and a Intel Core2 Duo Processor!!! Tired of them, I googled for something good and after a lot of research I came across these angels:

AVG Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

Spyot Search & Destroy

MalwareBytes AntiMalware

Lavasoft AdAware



And by the way, they are all totally free. By free, I mean for a lifetime. They are not trial versions.

The scenario was: an adware somehow tracked the entire list of websites in my bookmarked list and my IE7 stopped working. Windows Defender seemed to do nothing about it either. So I went to Norton for help but the Adware seems to be Mr.Norton's buddy coz it would detect it but not destroy it. McAfee was being a more sincere buddy coz it would not even detect it. I was like, what the heck!!! I pay these megabucks to buy them and they don't do anything for me???

AVG Anti-spyware has been serving me for a month now and even the worst of virus and spyware that I couldn't remove with Norton or McAfee was removed in a jiffy with this program.

Spybot S&D is too good. There's no beating it when it comes to free software. It has over 50k definitions of spyware, hackers and the count increases daily. So you can rest and never worry about another pain in your neck.

When nothing else works, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will surely save your day. It can be used in worst case scenarios like when the virus/spyware does not allow you to do anything in your computer.

AdAware, SpywareBlaster, and CWShredder are good with rouge anti-virus spyware and any other such browser hijackers.

They have all worked for me. Try them if possible and let me know about your experience. Enjoy!!!

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Gautam said...

I love CCleaner and also RegCure. Will write a review about RegCure soon, and guess have already written about CCleaner if I am not wrong.

CCleaner is a must for anyone who surfs often.

rads said...

Yep it is. Never heard about RegCure. Do write about it.

sammythewizzy said...

Among the Free Anti-viruses Avast seems to be the best one according to many surveys (in terms of detection rate).. I have stopped trusting AVG after it didn't stop a variant of the Sality virus from playing around with my computer.. :(

B.t.w if you are using a Microsoft OS, then Microsoft is releasing Malicious Software Removal Tools every month with the virus definitions of all known viruses till that time.. Its not an antivirus but a good complement to your existing antivirus tools.. You can try that too.. :)

Vinay said...

Every tried avast? It seems to be better than AVG. CCleaner is damn good to maintain the registry and clean up a lot of things. I myself use it regularly.

rads said...

Hey thanks sammythewizzy and Vinay. Never heard about Avast, will give it a try. So far AVG has been good with my pc. Only prob I found was that it cleans away whatever it defines as virus, without my permission. I have to go about digging through AVG on my drive and recover some files again.