What do your stars say?


Ever since my college days I have been smitten with Linda Goodman's Sun Signs. From then onwards I have developed this urge to weigh a person's character and behavioral traits based on their sun signs. That always helped me in getting to know them better. As soon as I came to know a person's birthday I made sure that I went back home and read the book. But my interest in astrology and knowing about one's future has only grown over the years and it didn't stop with Linda Goodman's. The internet has only added to it with the ease of a numerous number of websites on astrology, numerology, and zodiac compatability, offering you a free reading. Below is a list of my favorite websites on all this magical astro stuff.

1) Linda Goodman's Sun Signs
2) Zodiac Compatability
3) Numerology Reading
4) Chinese Zodiac
5) Feng Shui
6) Ask Ganesha

I know that many people don't believe in astrology but there is a superstitious corner in each one of us which we can't deny. There's nothing wrong in treating that curious corner with a dose of what it craves for once in a while. Atleast you can do it for the sake of fun. Believe me, it is really fun and exciting knowing such things when we find that some of them are true. Try the above links and let me know what you think of them. In case you have anything else to share on this subject, please do so in the comments section. Enjoy!!!

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A journey called Life said...

Hey Rads!! I simply loved ur sites new look.. very nice :)

rads said...

Thank you soo much :) I appreciate it.

kittymatti said...

very interesting links... Dream dictionary is something really new!! Great post! I love astrology :)

Adesh Sidhu said...

Even I have tried to guess personalities on the basis of sun signs. At times I succeeded and at times I failed miserably.

sammythewizzy said...

Interesting.. I've never looked at an astrology page/website before as I don't believe in it (no disrespect).. But as you said, maybe it is a way of satisfying curiosity for most people.. Some of my friends are soo stuck up in astrology that they are scared to do even the most trivial of things without consulting their stars!! .. But again, let me say that I have no disrespect, everyone can have their own views..

rads said...

Thanks kittymatti :) I'm glad you liked it.
@ Adesh Sidhu: LOL. I dint promise that it'll work. But anyways all that curiosity and effort we make to guess is in itself a lot of fun.
@ sammythewizzy: You can add me to your group of friends who consult stars.

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rads said...

Thanks for dropping by future mantra but I mostly don't cover politics n current affairs in my blog. Thanks for commenting. Also, I do not believe in copy-paste. I will try and refer the website to my friends who might be interested.

foreigndesi said...

Haha, I have definitely gone through most of her book already! I am apparently a blonde haired blue eyed aquarius. I guess her book forgot to consider us South Indians :P

rads said...

@foreigndesi: hehe its fun reading her book but when it comes to real destiny, anything can happen.

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

I enjoyed reading this piece of post coz it sounded like me! Even I get obsessed about people's and my astrology bla bla!! :)

People keep throwing me dirty looks.And your are correct,there is superstition hidden in the dark tunnels of people's hearts,somwhere deep down in everybody.It takes people like you and me to unravel it! :)

rads said...

@Jen: I'm glad you're with me on this. A lot of people say they don't believe in such stuff but I'm sure that they're atleast curious about it. And there is nothing wrong with knowing about your sun signs and star signs, its all part of the universe and how it works. We might be called superstitious coz we understand such stuff and they don't. Happy to see someone who likes this stuff as much as me :)