Blogger Friendship Award 2009

Kadambari of Spirals fame decided to award all her blogging buddies with the blogger friendship award. Thanks dear, that was very kind of you. I'm continuing this chain of awards and lets see how many awards each one of us gets. To all my dear blogger friends, consider this award as a big "thank you" for always being there to support my silly write-ups. You guys have encouraged me to blog more. Since I don't rank my friends, I am giving the list in alphabetical order, all of you are equally important to me, am I being diplomatic? nah... love you all guys...

The Award:

The Winners:

Adesh: The customer service guru who's all for customers in India and the first person to notice my invisible blog.
Anjana: Who amazingly speaks my mind most of the times.
Aparna: The mommy blogger who writes touching posts.
Gautam: The tech-savvy.
Mythri: The mosey-minded NRI blog-buddy who writes useful topics for clueless Indians staying in the US.
Preethi: For her delicious south-indian recipes which I'm loving.
Rads: Another Rads I found online who's blog inspired me to write more and who's on a mojo-hunt, taking a break. Hope she comes back to blogosphere soon.
Ramesh: The Indian Lao Ming Zhi for his unique business views.
Reva: For her downright honesty and humor.
Sammy: For being the chai-coffee buddy.
Sapna: The cool-headed yet clueless buddy.
Sathana: For her freaky-tweaky scripts which I love reading.
Shweta: The bubbly and preposterous girl.
TW: For her honest and pensive reflections on various subjects of life
Vyazz: For his regualr dose of philosophy on delicate subjects.
Shanthi, Joshi & Teja: My school friends for getting back in touch via our blogs, after all these years.
and last, but not the least Kadambari: For giving me this award, thank you. So, I'm the dependable one, eh? I appreciate it.

I hope I didn't miss anybody. So whoever is interested can carry this forward and let your blog-buddies know you care. Please do it guys, I wanna see how many awards I can get, Aah! I'm getting greedy ;).

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kittymatti said...

So sweet, Im checking out the rest of their blogs!

rads said...

:) Do check them, they are all my fav blogs.

A journey called Life said...

why, thanks so much Rads.. my first award (and its truly bigger than anything i got in a long time).. im touched..will carry the chain on..

rads said...

I'm glad to be the one who gave you the first award :)...will wait for your post.

Sapna said...

Arent you sweet - thanks so much... :-) I really appreciate it and it's nice to know that I make someone smile... yay!!! and of course this is a cool thing to carry it forward. Looks like you do have great blogs in your friendship kitty, gotta have a look at them as well.

preposterous girl said...

Hey Rads..
Thanks so much..I'm u ..muah..
Will definitely continue this chain. :)
Just one thing .. my name is Shweta(u've typed Swetha)

Anjana said...

Thank you very much for the honour conferred on me. Sure, I will be in the arena

Sathana said...

Oh rads,tanx dear,am so moved,wil carry the chain as well:)

rads said...

@Sapna: No probs Sapna :) Do take time to lok at the other blogs, they are cool.
@Shweta: Oops sorry, I'll keep that in mind :)
@Anjana: No probs Anjana :) Counting you in.
@Sathana: No probs dear, glad to hear you're in :)

Adesh Sidhu said...

well, Thanks for wonderful introduction. It was not expected but very much appreciated.

BTW your blog's new look is cool. I guess that's what awards do to you - make you strive for improvement.

rads said...

No probs Adesh, what I said is a fact and I don't tell tales. Yea you got a point there, from the time I had more readers, I started looking for a new template and a makeover. Thanks :)

kowthas said...

Thanks a bunch! :)

Love the brown background,and green's my all-time fave.


rads said...

Thanks Rads :)

Kadambari said...

Thanks so much Rads! You're absolutely the 'dependable' one! :)

P.S. Your new template is brilliant. :)

rads said...

Thanks Kadambari :)

lafemmereva said...

@rads- was a bit under the weather so wasn't online!! Many Many thanks!!!! Im honored! :)I hope you keep blogging just the way you do till you run out of mind fuel! :)

rads said...

No probs Reva and I wish to keep on blogging too as long as I can :)

TW said...

rads! thanks a bunch for the award! :))) I am so happy to have such a great blogging friend community! :)))

rads said...

No probs TW, you deserve it :)

sammythewizzy said...

Wow!!! was away from the blogosphere because of exams, and i missed receiving this award!! Thanks a lot Rads!! Im honoured.. thank you thank you thank you :D

PS: I wrote a huge gibber about how wonderful your new template is, but now i cant see it.. Can you see it?

rads said...

I'm able to see it...Thanks:) Sometimes Gibberbox gives probs...all you have to do is refresh and you can see it. And for the award, you deserve it.