Le Embrouille Blogueur has tagged me a long time back with some interesting questions. Sorry about the delay but here are my answers finally.

Four places I have lived:
-Visakhapatnam: Also known as Vizag, and "The City of Destiny".
-Vizianagaram: A small town near Vizag where I spent the most important "four years" of my college life.
-Bangalore: The green city and abode of the Indian silicon valley.
-Chicago: The windy city and one of the oldest cities of America.

Four T.V shows that I love(d) to watch:
-I Dream of Jeannie
-Threes Company
-The Honeymooners

Four places that I have been on vacation:
-Shiridi: I think everybody knows about this place.
-Mysore: The city with preserves of Rajas and Maharajas palaces and tombs, in Karnataka.
-Wisconsin Dells: Almost the entire city is like a nature park. This place is near to Chicago, IL.
-Waukegan: Not a great tourist attraction but went to visit some friends and I kinda liked this small town which had lots of open space and picnic groves.

Four of my favorite food items:
-Sizzling Dessert: This is an item which you will get only in a small restaurant called Sukh Sagar on Commercial Street, Bangalore. Never tasted something so yummy anywhere else.
-Bhendi Fry: My fav to cook and eat.
-Shrimp Fried Rice: Chinese style with brown rice.
-Mexican Burritos with salsa

Four websites that I visit daily:
-google.com (search, gmail, blogger, and orkut)

Four places I would rather be:
-California: especially San Francisco.
-Bangalore: I just love this city.
-Vizag: My entire childhood was spent here and I love this place.
-London: Would love to stay in the queensland someday.

Four things I hope to do before I die:
-Travel to atleast 4 other countries (why only four? guess coz its tag4 :P).
-Get my daughter/son happily married to her/his true love.
-Publish a style guide, atleast online after I become a famous tech writer.
-Take care of my parents when they get old.

Four novels I wish I was reading for the first time:
-Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
-Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
-The Tempest - W. Shakespeare
-Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden

Four movies that I can watch over and over again:
-Gone With The Wind
-Sixth Sense

Four people I believe will respond to this tag:

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rads said...

From Ramesh via email: Nice one Rads. Are you a fan of Ananda Bhavan of Commercial Street ? Hadn't heard of Sizzling dessert though !

You must be one hardy Rads - Chicago winters and you are fine with the place. It must be glorious now though. And Waukegan - vaguely remember passing by - isn't it close to Racine WI ? Burritos, yummy indeed. And getting your daughter/son happily married - that's long term planning indeed !!

rads said...

@Ramesh: Thanks for reading it Ramesh :). And I'm anything but a fan of Ananda Bhavan, its one of the worst restaurant chains in Bangalore. And I hate Chicago winters, I'm no hardy at all, -30 degrees is unbearable to chicagoans too. I like spring, summer, and autumn tough. Waukegan is not anywhere near WI, its rather more closer to the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe Village. Yep Burritos are too yummy, so you like them too :) glad to know that. And about my kids marriage, I always wanted and want it to be a "love marriage" coz mine's arranged.

rads said...

From "thethoughtfultrain" aka Ashwini Shenoy via email: Third attempt at commenting on the Tag4 post! :-) I loved your goal of taking care of your folks. And the part about marrying off your kid to his/her true love is just so cute. :-)

rads said...

@thethoughtfultrain: Thanks a lot Ashwini :) I dunno what makes everyone think I'm a geeky type which I'm so not. About my kids marriage, its a long term goal but I always wanted and want it to be that way coz mine's an arranged marriage. And about my folks, that's the least I can do for them right?

Mrunalini said...

nice one :) I find all the four things that you want to do before dying very cute.
btw, I was in chicago last weekend. lovely place .. esp the lake side walk :)

Sapna said...

Hey guess what! I would travel to Vizianagaram quite often I've got my mum bro living there for nearly 35 years now ;) and I loved I dream of Jeannie as well as Bewitched, I would rush home form school just to watch them :)))

Good post made me a little nostalgic...

preposterous girl said...

Hey Rads..
Thanks 4 tagging me.I'll definitely carry this forward :)

rads said...

@Mrunalini: Yea Chicago's Lakefront is the best place...hope you had a gr8 time...

rads said...

@Sapna: Cool, I don't have anybody living there but my hostel life there was memorable. IDoJ and Bewitched rock!

rads said...

@preposterous girl: No probs Shweta :)

kittymatti said...

this was interesting... back after a vacation while my friend was moderating the comments and posts.
thanks for the award

rads said...

@kittymatti: No probs, my pleasure :) hope you had a gr8 holiday.

theishu said...

Your kids are / will be truly lucky :)

rads said...

@theishu: I sure do hope so :D

Rats said...

so..?? did i contribute anywhere in making ur college days memorable? or have i screwed them up for ya?

rads said...

@Rats: My college life did have bitter-sweet memories but don't worry none of the bitter ones I remember has you in it...