Nokia 5800 Music Express

This touchscreen phone was introduced in 2008 and if you're a batman fan you can watch it being used in the Batman movie that was released in 2008. The husband and me are gr8 fans of Nokia phones and have always used them, and the idea of an unlocked touchscreen Nokia phone was even more appealing, so we went ahead and ordered it. Now after having used it for a few months, I'd say that this is an entry level smartphone for a very reasonable price compared to many other similar featured phones out in the market. The best part of it, like the title says, is the audio system, the speakers are amazing, and its gr8 for entertaining. Its a 3G phone so it works with all the 3G networks. However, surfing the web isn't very fast, and the phone seems to heat up or freeze at times easily after watching streaming videos for some time. Also, the only way you can unfreeze is by removing the battery and forcing it to shut down. But I guess for the price that can be ignored and as long as you stick to minimal browsing the phone works fine. The camera is a 3MP flash camera and takes some really good pictures. It has a dedicated camera button which I like. It can also take .avi video but the quality isn't very good in low light. It works gr8 with good amount of sunlight. The touch interface looks really good and is very responsive. Navigating through the phone is easy too. There's OVI maps included in the applications which is gr8 but I don't think you can use it as a dedicated GPS. Applications are very basic and minimal and if you're looking for an app-based phone this is not the one for you. Calling and receiving phones is good. The look of the phone however, like all other Nokia phones is a little bulky but the phone itself is not very bulky coz its plastic. Have dropped it a few times and nothing's happened to it. All-in-all I can say its a good phone for a reasonable price and I bought an unlocked phone so hopefully it'll work in India too.

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