Innocence in Hopeless Times

People say that innocence is one of the best traits in a person coz it is rarely found these days. I began to wonder why so? I might sound cynical but I think that we are the reason for this state. Maybe we should blame Satan for making Adam and Eve taste the forbidden fruit, and then innocence began to vanish slowly. But when you ask people if it is such a good character trait would they like to possess it, they would probably say, 'are you kidding, its so easy to get duped if we're innocent'. So its proof that we chose not to be innocent coz we don't want to be. And lets face it, its a hopeless place and times that we're living in to chose to be innocent. I remember the days when I was living in Hyderabad back in 2006, and my stay was not for more than a few months but in those few months I somehow managed to get conned for thousands of bucks, on several occasions, without even realizing it. And the people involved were whom I thought were my close friends and some trusted outsiders. Outsiders, I can understand, and I can forgive them too but when friends and family betray us then what is the point of being innocent. Wallowing in self pity ain't gonna cut it. We are forced to be on our guard always. Incidents like this make sure that we no longer trust ourselves when we're being off guard and innocent of other peoples motives.

Nobody really appreciates innocence either. They say that they do but when faced with dealing with an innocent person they just turn away saying that they're a lost cause or simply pathetic. Being innocent is being vulnerable and weak in these days. Nobody wants to be that and with so many options around us which force us to lose our innocence its no wonder we aren't either. Innocent people are an easy target coz they're mostly unaware of the malice, the wicked situations around them. But once targeted which is often soon, they are ripped of their innocence in a matter of seconds and then they're ready to claim someone else's in a similar manner with their newly acquired experience. This chain goes on and on and finally there's no one left with even a tiny drop of innocence. And why should there be, coz its of no use and cannot get us anywhere in life.

Survival in today's life demands that we shouldn't be innocent. We maybe be born that way but within a matter of time we lose it and do not even recognize it sometimes. Maybe people say it is so precious coz once lost its not something that can be gained back. So I accept that we do not live in a place that supports being innocent and try to find ways of appreciating innocence in things that are not yet touched by malice. Maybe that's why people rear pets and go 'ooh' and 'aah' over babies. Coz they know that animals and babies have something more precious than diamonds. They're so untouched and innocent.

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elixir_of_life said...

Totally in agreement with your post.. it's true that "innocence" cannot survive too long in the "grown up world". So I guess the trick is to preserve it in the "children of society" and prevent it from getting extinct... What I am really scared of is the time when children will lose it too...

Innocent said...

Kalavum katru kol !
i am unsure about its spelling, in tamil proverb
It means learn all the possible bad things.

true that... innocence is non sense in today's world

rads said...

@elixir_of_life: Hmm yes I'm scared of that too. Thanks for reading my ramblings :) Welcome to my blog.

rads said...

@Innocent: Well said, it is indeed non sense coz there is no way an innocent person can survive in today's world. And to mingle with the society we have to know the tricks of the trade. Welcome to my blog :)