Being Defined By Destiny

Do you believe in fate, karma or destiny? Do you take life as it comes or take control of it and keep it in grips? I think anybody who believes in fate or karma is usually a victim of it. They are the ones you often find saying "Just my damn luck/My life is what it is/If only I was someone else (this usually a richer and luckier person than them)" and they keep justifying life as they go along with it thinking that they don't deserve any better. They don't even try something else and see if their destiny might change. They usually sound pathetic and never take risks thinking that it might be too late or that they might have too much at stake. Why so, I wonder. Example: Being born in a farmers family with no money and luxuries to spend on overseas education and having a dream of going abroad can never go hand in hand, so in such cases a person just succumbs to the ill-effects of fate and bows to become a victim of whatever life throws at him. But do you think that maybe if he had tried harder and took the risk of getting a huge education loan he would've taken his life in his hands and succeeded after all? What if he was left with huge debts, what then, don't u think the risks are too high in such a situation? But does this mean that we have to become victims of fate and leave everything to destiny and keep justifying our lives as we go along? Again its our fate that decides everything coz maybe the person was not destined to go in that direction after all. If he was, he wouldn't be born in a farmers house in the first place.

So is destiny bigger than us? I mean, we humans are supposed to be the super beings on this earth but how come life isn't always as we plan it and how come sometimes we don't always get the things we want no matter how much we struggle to get them? There are a lot of people who don't believe in things like fate, karma or destiny. On being asked, they just brush it off saying they don't believe in such nonsense and that our lives are in our own hands. While that maybe partially true when we ask the same people a simple question like: have you ever been successful in finding true love? (coz according to them its all in your own hands), almost everybody replies that they haven't had such good fate or been fortunate enough. So they have just proved that destiny is something bigger than us and I think anyone who's god-fearing will believe in this. There probably is no person on this earth who hasn't faced difficulties and hasn't always had life as they've planned.

Its all about being in the right place, in the right time. But who decides who has to be in which place and what time. I choose to believe that it is all destiny. Us being at one place at one time is all a play as we call it in telugu 'jagannatakam', a play issued by God. I guess people who believe in God sub-consciously believe in destiny/karma too. But that's all again something else.

I never thought I'd be studying engineering or even spend time on photography one day. If you'd met me a few years back I'd have said: "I'll be a s/w engineer." Yea well, I'm not a s/w engineer and I am a shutterbug. It was when I was transported to the other side of the world that I realized I had a flair for it and started acting on it. Neither did I ever think I'd be transported to the other side of the world. I choose to believe it was all fated. It was all meant to be. Maybe it was a calling. And that again is destiny. But who decides it, God knows. Since we can't have answers to a lot of things I think I'll let destiny define me and experience life as it comes. Some things just happen coz they have to and nobody can change that.

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alka narula said...

i believe in karma though.....but do believe the destiny plays an imp role in our lives...interesting post

rads said...

@Alka: Thanks for reading my ramblings. I do believe in destiny too...though most of us often tend to ignore it it is there and a part of our lives.

C. Suresh said...

Nice post on destiny. I seem to hv developed some idea abt a post on destiny after reading yr post. I promise it will not be a close copy-cat of yr own post. Had to acknowledge the source of the idea:)

rads said...

@Suresh: Cool, I'm glad I inspired you and thanks for acknowledging, although not many people are honest enough to do that these days, I appreciate your gesture. Welcome to my blog :)