On being a Blogger

You know you're an obsessive blogger when:

-The first thing you do in the morning is login to your blog.
-You stare at the computer, and keep on staring thinking "I have to write something for my blog".

-You blog about an online test you just took.

-You go about pestering everybody around you to read your latest blogpost, like their only job is to read your blog.

-You ping your blog to all your friends on facebook, twitter etc., etc., spam their mailboxes, and do everything possible to make them help you spread the word on your blog.

-You keep checking every few minutes to see if anybody has visited your blog and keep refreshing it to see if you have any comments.

-You look around for other bloggers like you and join bloggers' communities you can relate to.
-You comment on others' blogs so that they’ll return the favor and comment on yours.

-You go to bloggers' meets.

-You change your lifestyle to suit your blog.

-All you think about is making a blog post whenever you hear about something interesting.

-You join blogathons to keep yourself motivated and maintain your readers' count.

-Its your friend's b'day and you blog about it.

-You take a break from blogging and feel guilty all the while.

Sometime in December 2005 I decided to have a blog linked to my personal website like everybody in those days did. At first I was very skeptical so I kept quiet for a while even after registering on blogger.

Then finally I mustered some courage and posted an introduction to my blog in Jan 2006. That’s when Rads BlogaZine became public. It’s a shame on me that in the midst of everything that’s life I totally forgot the fact that my blog completed 5 yrs last month. And the only regret I have so far is that I do not blog often which I should, atleast once a week. Anyways I’ve enjoyed publishing the few posts I wrote and listed below are my 5 faves:

1) The Garbage We Buy
2) The Balancing Act of Work and Life
3) Are you a Shopaholic
4) E-book Mania
5) A 20somethings Crysis

Thanks to blogger for hosting my blog, my online friends who inspired and encouraged me to start a blog. Thanks to all the bloggers communities which have helped me improve the look and feel of my blog, enlightened me about stuff like copyrights/disclaimers etc., and helped me publicize it. Thanks to my husband who bears with me whenever I spend time with my blog instead of with him and then reviews my posts patiently, providing suggestions on what to write and what not to.

And last but not the least THANKS to all my readers, even the silent ones, who take time out of their busy lives to visit and read all that I write patiently and some of you even comment :-o. I publish all comments unless they are spam and respond to each and every comment even if its negative. After all, feedback is what makes a good blog. Congratulations to my Blog. Cheers! :)

Image Courtesy: All images are from Google Images and since every image comes with a copyright from its owner, I don't think its necessary to credit them again.

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Ramesh said...

Congratulations Rads. Wow 5 years - that's some achievement. Nice gems those ones you picked as some of your best.

Very impressive that even after cooling off for some time, you've come back. Take a bow.

rads said...

@Ramesh: Thank you so much :)...You're a true follower of my blog and always the first one to comment...I appreciate it...And I do take breaks...very long ones that too...but i love blogging n always show up if not regularly...Thanks again for being such a patient reader.

Rekha said...

Congratulations on completing 5 yrs!!! I really enjoy reading your blogs.

rads said...

@Rekha: Thanks Rekha...I know you read my blog and I'm glad u do :)

Vee... said...

Congrats on completing 5 years. thats definitely a great achievement..

awesome, loved everything you have to say in this post! and apt pictures!! I partly fall under the category of obsessive bloggers. i say this because i have stopped asking my friends to read my blog, and i am trying to separate out my personal/professional life with blogging time.

pramod said...

ravishing, the cartoons etc.more than perfect.
its been a treat bof lifetime, really.
I am putting your blog on my fav. blog list.

rads said...

@Vee: Thanks :) Welcome to my blog and I appreciate you commenting on it. Actually I have stopped obssessing with my blog too and if you have gone through my archives, I have taken some really long breaks from blogging.

rads said...

@pramod: Thanks :) Welcome to my blog and thanks for following it. I try to give my best in every post make.

Hemal said...

Congtats Rads!~

You are sure that these five years, you made so many people laugh and cry and see the world from your eyes, it takes some thing extra special... good luck keep blogging!!

and the symptoms of being a blogger are well, just plain fact! :P lolz.. you can expect me to be hooked on to my lappy like that early morning

Vee... said...

you remind myself. even i took lots of long breaks in between. but now i am blogging frequently, at least i plan to do so!
and i must say you have a colorful blog.. :)

rads said...

@Hemal: Thanks Hemal and welcome to my blog...I know all those points are understood and bloggers don't need me to tell them that they are hooked to their laptops but I didn't want the post to be all about myself so I generalized it...

rads said...

@Vee: Breaks are a must for everyone and bloggers very much deserve it as well. I wanted a simple yet colorful 3-column template and when I googled it, this is what I got :)

A said...

Wow. Congratulations. I am addicted now ..just after one year but not popular like you.

It was really funny to read your post.

PS:- Can you comment on my post pls.....hahah. I am kidding...it is up to you.

silvia Navarro said...

cute post!!!!
love this style!

rads said...

@A: Thanks :) Welcome to my blog. I did visit your blog...its gr8 and I commented too :)

rads said...

@silvia Navarro: Thanks and welcome to my blog :)

Raam Pyari said...

lols! congratulations on the 5 years...I crossed the number half a year back and love to say that i have been blogging for more than half a decade! :P

rads said...

@Raam Pyari: Thanks :) Welcome to my blog...5 n 1/2 yrs is a verryyy loong time...congrats!

Harini MV said...

Hey Rads Congratulations.... Its 5 years.. I learnt about your blog very very recently. The first blog that i read made me your regular blog visitor. I made your Blog page in my fav blogs and whenever i get time i enjoy reading them.

I read your latest blog "On being a Blogger". Its really very cute one..!!!

Keep blogging honey!!

rads said...

@Harini MV: Thanks dear...Yea I can't believe it either that its been 5 yrs!!!...I'm not a very regular blogger so I never really bothered about dates...I see that you have created a new blog too..now why don't you start writing..I'd love to read yours...

Vidya Sury said...

Came here via BlogAdda's Tangy yum yum. Love your blog!

rads said...

@Vidya Sury: Thanks Vidya :) Welcome to my blog...

Priya said...

Wow, five years is a LOT! Congrats!! This is one of the best posts ever!! I am only a few steps away from becoming an obsessive blogger, I can see, from your list! Not that I mind, though.
Loved your blog!

rads said...

@Priya: Thanks :) and welcome to my blog...From what I see, you are already an obsessive blogger and there's nothing wrong with that...you have a gr8 blog too...cheers!

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Ha ha ha ha! I truly enjoyed reading your posts.This one in particular! :)
And I'm not pretending ;)

And those comic strips.You drew them? It's awesome!!! :)

So sleepy now but I'm going to catch up with ya tom! See ya around! :)

rads said...

@Jen: Hi Jen, Thanks :) Welcome to my blog...I did not create those comic strips but I wish I could draw like that. They're from Google Images. I visited your blog too, you have a great one there, keep going cheers!