Registry Cleaning and Repair Tools

Having an anti-virus/anti-spyware software installed in your computer does not always give it enough protection from being infected by bugs. Also, virus and spyware is not the only reason your pc's performance is sluggish or why it crashes. If you are a regular surfer of the internet like me, it is necessary to clean up the computer everyday in order to get rid of junk like temporary files, cookies, browsing history, etc., and also to remove any personal data, passwords etc., which you might have entered on a website while browsing. This is where the registry cleaning and repairing tools come into the picture. These tools sweep your system and some of them also help you repair any registry malfunstions/errors that might have been caused due to an improper or failed installation/uninstallation of a software etc. Below is the list of such software which is very easy to use and totally free:

CCleaner : This is a must in every computer for a regular sweep of junk.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner : Performs very well for a regular cleaning along with fixing registry errors.

Glary Registry Repair : This tool not only cleans the computer but also protects it from adware that use the registry to infect it.

Windows Registry Repair : It is a very simple and lightweight tool for a quick clean of the registry.

I have used these tools and they have worked well for me. If you have used any other such free and yet efficient software, let me know. Happy Browsing! :)

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Ramesh said...

Thanks Rads. A most useful post. I didn't know of the existence of any of them - so a big help.

A said...

Using Advanced Care System is good option for registry cleaning and memory cleaning.

rads said...

@A: Thanks :) I did come across it but never used it..I think its a little overwhelming for an average user with all its features...

rads said...

@Ramesh: Sorry for the delayed reply Ramesh, somehow your comment was detected as Spam 8-O by blogger, I hv no idea why??? Rads BlogaZine is all about being useful for others, thanks :)