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Early readers of my blog know that I have fetish for animated and especially flash video games. I think they're cool and very creative. So if there are any animation lovers and creative geniuses out there interested in creating animation for free then here's a list of websites for you. All of them are pretty self explanatory and easy to create but even if you don't understand them they have help sections to take you through the process of creating one. They are not for professional animation creation but you can create small animations for your presentations, or for education purposes or even for your website or blog to make things more lively and fun. You just have to sign up for a free account and you're ready to go. Unfortunately, I don't think any of them allow you to download you're creation but however you can share them by emailing, on youtube, or post it on your blog/website.

GoAnimate: The free version provides you 2 mins/animation and has a really wide range of features for something free. They also allow you to use your own recorded voice and soundtracks. Cool right?

DigitalFilms: Probably the easiest to use. Although there is no real voice here, only animation with dialog clouds that show the text you type. Pretty good for a quick animated presentation, say on an education website.

XtraNormal: My favorite one. Their motto is: If you can type, you can make movies. Its pretty easy to use and allows you to share them on youtube.

Dvolver: Like DigitalFilms, it has no voice too, only dialog clouds with your text but the animation quality looks better than that of the former. And it is pretty easy to use to.

SketchStar: This is from my favorite flash games website, Miniclip, and again no voice only action but there a lot more options than the previous ones. It allows you to share your creation on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Voki: This is purely built for educational purposes. It looks likes animated avatars that can talk whatever you type. You can add your own voice to the characters you choose from the list. Pretty cool and simple.

MakeitShareit: This is where you have to get your hands dirty coz you'll have to draw every frame with your mouse, there are no pre-defined characters or backgrounds. You have to do everything from scratch and I think its fun. Its more useful when you want to create something unique that is not offered by the other websites.

ZimmerTwins: Meet Edgar and Eva, the only two characters with their little black cat. Reminds me of Dexter and DeeDee :D You can make them do whatever you want and create movies, kind of like episodes of a tv show. But there is no voice, only dialog boxes with text comments except for when they go 'grr' or 'hahaha'. Pretty cool!

Do you also like animations and enjoy creating animated movies for fun? Let me know, also if you know of any other such free websites please leave a link in the comments.

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