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"Words of comfort, skillfully administered, are the oldest therapy known to man." Louis Nizer

Couldn't agree more. Online therapy or e-therapy is nothing but therapy via the internet where the counselor and the patient meet online. Don't go on googling about it coz what I'm gonna say is not something that'll be easily found on google. In fact if you google the term all you'll get is a bunch of links to psychology doctors practicing online. And they don't treat you for free.

I found out early in my life that talking to someone online is really helpful. When I was first introduced to Yahoo messenger, which was big during my college days, I thought, what a silly thing to do, why would anyone chat to some unknown person in some other part of the world? But a thought occurred to me that when you don't know the person and would never meet them in real life, you can actually talk to them about your deepest issues. So whenever I felt like trashing everybody or had issues with anything that day I would dash to a nearby internet cafe and meet my online friends for some much needed pep talk, coz kind words are not something you find easily these days. And moreover we cannot open ourselves up to anyone whom we know in real life and then see them face to face everyday knowing that they know all our secrets. It makes us vulnerable to them and we cannot walk with the same confidence anymore when they are around. So the prospect of talking to some unknown persons whom we might never meet online was very alluring back then and it was kind of like talking to myself or rather talking to a wall, only this is better coz the other person reacts to what you have to say. And once you're done you can go back to your trashy life in peace. I also met some great friends this way who have now become my very good friends and keep in touch even today though we have never met in real life to date. We limited our relation to online only coz it was good for us that way and it didn't become real. When its real its something else, we're automatically on our guard and we don't let emotions come in the way.

Apart from messenger chatting, there's email therapy too where you make pen pals on the internet and email them with your concerns and issues and then they give you some advice and then you can do the same for them in return. I remember I used to have an e-pal from England way back in 2004. But then life happened and I couldn't keep in touch anymore. I hope she's doing good these days. I also had a friend from Srilanka and it was during the awful Tsunami attack he found online therapy very helpful coz there was nothing else or nobody else he could talk to about his inner demons. Lost touch again, and I hope he's doing fine too. There was this one guy I met via yahoo chat who keeps sending forwarded emails on a lot of philosophy and psychology stuff which I found very soothing to read whenever I was in distress. He always encouraged me with pep talk during my jobless days. I still have his emails but we're not in touch anymore. I hope he's well wherever he is.

Online friends are the ones who encouraged me to create a website for such stuff and it was then that I found blogger to link it to my website and once I started blogging I found a lot of friends here who care enough to read crappy posts like this and still encourage me. I've become good friends with a lot of them too. And it is while researching for my website that I found people like Asela, and Pravs, who're on the same mission as I was. Check out their websites, they're gr8! Once I got into blogging I disabled my website which I thought was very static unlike a blog, and once developed, there wasn't much to do there. I also admit that I have a private blog where I let out my anger on anybody and anything I hate and once done I feel so refreshed.

Thanks to all these online friends, you guys have helped me through very many times of crisis and have always encouraged me, boosted my spirits and restored my confidence. Its really sad that people can't be so helpful in real life sometimes, maybe they would if we open up to them, but letting down our guard and opening up to them is the toughest thing to do, so we leave it as it is without complications and convince ourselves that everything is bright and sunny. If this is the case with you too then I think you will agree when I say online therapy is much less complicated and easier than getting our real time friends involved in it. It saves the hassle and helps us release our frustrations without adding more to them.

So have you ever tried messenger chatting, emailing pen-pals, or blogging to release your anger, pain, and frustrations. If you haven't you should, I mean what have you got to lose. Its free and better than a costly therapist, atleast people wouldn't think you're crazy, which they would if you consult a therapist.

On a slightly lighter note, try this, meet Eliza, a robot that will chat with you, its fun! Now you will understand the whole point of this post.

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