All Things Christmas

Quite a few of my friends have been asking me to post pictures of 'Christmas in Chicago' but I was a little skeptical about going out on freezing winter nights just to take pictures. This year however we didn't have a White Christmas and oddly, I kinda missed the snow. Instead it was sunny and we had slightly bearable temperatures. Every year the windy city is decorated with lights right from after Thanksgiving to New Year's. Though I do not like the sound of wasting so much energy/power, the photographer in me thinks its pretty and cute. Now, since my love for photography overcame my skepticism, I finally hit the city streets, Christmas events, malls etc., and got some shots. The stuff I captured is all the things I can think of when I think "Christmas". Hope you guys like them.

Michigan Avenue during Christmas Eve:

Christmas Tree Decor at Union Station, Downtown:

Decorations some place near Chicago area:

Christmas Decor Sale at Daley Plaza:

Christmas Candy at Macy's: They actually had gummy bears and jelly beans in red and green :)

Navy Pier's Winter Wonderland Festival sponsored by Bank of America:

State Street Christmas Bokeh:

Cute Snowman at a store downtown:

Lincoln Park ZooLights sponsored by ComEd and Charter One:

and finally my signature shot, a Christmas Bokeh:

Hope y'all had a great Christmas, wherever you are. For more pictures from me, you can subscribe to my posts on facebook, I have a whole album there with hundreds of shots.

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Ramesh said...

Chicago not havin a white Chirstmas ???? What on earth is hapening. Bitterly cold, bone chilling wind, Arctic weather Chicago is seeing sunny Christams ??? Wow !

Nice photos.

rads said...

@Ramesh: Global Warming? could be...Thanks :)