Avoid them without Regret

People who put words in your mouth and talk for you: When someone asks you something, you are the person who has the right to speak, not your friend or your uncle who think that you do not have a voice. Stay long enough with such people and you may lose your voice forever.

People who force their likes/interests on you: If your friend or a family member likes something doesn't mean you have to like it and they have no right to force it on you.

People who keep underestimating you: Some people just don't consider you for certain tasks coz they just blindly assume that you can't do it. They have no right whatsoever to do that before even asking you or giving you a chance.

People who order you around and treat you like their slave: You are not anybody's slave/chamcha and you don't have to impress anyone who seems to think so.

People who keep talking about problems, and diseases all the time: You have enough problems already and you don't need to wallow in your friend's issues as well.

People who are always telling you that you can't do this or that: When you are sharing your ideas with someone, you want to be appreciated, and encouraged, not misguided or discouraged.

People who take you for granted and never appreciate you: When you are doing something for someone, the least they can do is thank you. Typically, these people also just drop at your place without even informing and checking if you're otherwise busy.

People whom you can never trust with your secrets: You pour out your heart to your best friend and she/he goes and rats on you to everybody else.

People who are always pitying you: "Oh poor you come here, have this candy", seriously? don't you think you have enough self pity without having to get more from others.

People who never mean what they say and always stand you up: They make promises but never seem to keep them. Everybody's busy with their lives and people tend to forget things once in a while but when they are doing it too many times it only shows how little they care about you. The next time your friend/family member makes you wait ask them if they have forgotten to apply their favorite lipgloss or their favorite perfume before coming to meet you. If the answer is no, you know where you stand.

People who lie to you to make you do things you don't want to do: It clearly shows they don't respect your feelings and they don't understand you at all.

People who make fun of you and embarrass you in front of others: You know you don't deserve such treatment. You're not a clown and you don't need someone to laugh at you for being what you are and belittle you.

People who gossip about you behind your back: You'll know who they are sooner or later.

People who just pretend to be friends with you: When you ask them about a solution to your problem they sound very vague and generic which only shows they haven't even been listening to you properly. Just becoz they need more people attending their parties and weddings just to show off they have soooo many friends, doesn't mean they get to pretend being there for you and act as if they care about you.

People who are just too much of themselves: Its always about them and what they want. They are the ones who are always doing the talking and who are always planning things that should be done when in a group. Just look at their arrogance, Hello!! its a group outing, and other people in the group need a vote too.

People who are judging you without any proof: Nobody has the right to call you insensitive or selfish or whatever that is they think you are. Ask them to analyze themselves before they judge you.

People who are always comparing you to others or themselves: Everybody is unique in their own way.

People who are always envying you: They're probably jealous becoz they think you are better than them and it is good for your ego but you don't need to be around their pouting and sad faces always, it could really make you go mad sometimes and also nobody can like everything you do or wear so much, they're probably crazy or obsessive.

People who are always praising you: Nobody can be so praiseworthy all the time. When someone does that always and with too much enthusiasm, it just seems so fake and pretentious. You can never trust such people.

People who are pessimistic and cynical: They are always negative and can never see anything cheerful or sunny and they are so damn addictive. They also keep mocking everything and think they have a great sense of humor.

People who keep pushing you: You might need a friendly push once in a while but it is not anybody's job to keep pushing you always, you just wish they'd get off your back.

People who dictate and always tell you what to do: Did you hire a decision maker? Then you probably have the rights to fire them too. You don't need someone to tell you what to do and what not to do like you are a 10 year old, even they don't like being dictated.

People who blame you for everything: There's always one such person in everybody's life who's always blaming you for everything that goes wrong.

People who're always trying to imitate or copy you: No its not flattering, its creepy and annoying. They should get a life of their own and not disturb yours.

People who are too needy and clingy: Ugh! pathetic and creepy.

People who never ask you for advice or never appreciate it when you give one: What are you even doing being friends with such people? Friendship is a two way street too, when you go to your friend for advice you expect them to come to you when they need one. It just shows they don't trust you enough to give them good advice or think that you're not even capable of giving good advice. You can identify these people very easily too, they're just waving away their hands at you when you're trying to say something.

People who steal ideas from you: You must have met atleast one of them, they listen to your ideas and then go and broadcast them as their own, shamelessly. These people are often the boyfriend/girlfriend stealers too.

People who rip you off and live in your wallets: They never take out their cash or credit cards for anything no matter what. OK, so they maybe stingy but they do not have to live off your money. They always keep selling you their sob stories and asking for your money and never seem to return it even when you need it. Some people don't even ask you, they just think they can take it from you wallets like they own you, not even consulting you once.

People who only come to you when they need help: They have no right to call themselves friends. They probably keep in touch with you so that they can come to you when they need your help with something. After the episode's over, you never see them again. They are what you call the "use and throw" types.

People who are sadistic: They never have anything better in their lives to keep them occupied so they enter yours and disturb everything. The are very dangerous sometimes, coz they can break relationships with their jealousy.

People who never have anything nice to say about you: They keep calling you things like fat, foolish, idiot, stupid, a total waste, and a wuss. Now that is just plain rude and these people should be sent back to school and taught how to be nice to others.

People who let out their frustrations on you: Some people are always angry and seem to show it on others whenever they are frustrated about something. They should get some help or join a club for anger management if they can't seem to control it.

People who are too possessive and bitchy: You might have observed that sometimes your friend or a family member, say a cousin, might get jealous of you coz you're spending time with someone other than them, or supporting someone else coz you find their choice better. These people get instantly jealous and they show it in front of everyone that they're jealous, thus embarrassing you and the other person involved. Like you're their property and they own you. Its irritatingly creepy and you could do better without such behavior from your friends. The next day you find them talking to the very same person behind your back.

People who think you should be grateful for their friendship: These people just don't think but actually keep reminding you that you should be grateful for being accepted into their friendship circle, like they've picked you up from dirt and took them under your wing. Irritatingly sometimes family members do this too.

People who're always scowling and wear an unhappy, sad face as a default expression: Some people never seem to be happy about anything and they are always carrying this dull and frowny expression on their faces. Its like they do not know how to smile. Hang out with them for a while and your face becomes that too.

People who judge you based on race, religion, and caste: Its 2012 people, wake up and smell the brew. It just shows how stereotypical some can still be after all these years of evolution.

People who're always lecturing you: Some people have this obsessive need to lecture and deliver speeches to everybody around them like they're some gyaani persons who have supreme knowledge and we're the illiterate. These people are typical and you mostly find them giving a running commentary during tv shows and stuff, like people around them are ignorant and do not understand anything being broadcasted.

People who openly flirt with your spouse right under your nose: Have some decency people.

People who force you to be friends with them: Hey cummon, our husbands are friends so we should hang out too, are you kidding me? NO!!! I'll be friends with whoever I like. Some people think that if they're colleagues, they should be friends out of office too, they keep inviting you to their homes, plan outings with you and your family etc etc., its irritating and annoying.

People who stare at you like you're an alien: What is it with these people? If they don't like you why are they looking at you. If looks could kill these people would have killed everyone around them.

People with acidic tongues: They are always dripping with negative sarcasm.

People who can never utter a polite word: Its like they were never taught manners at school. Its just three words: sorry, please, and thank you. How hard is it to say them. And when they see other people being polite, they stare as if to say you don't have to be polite, its totally not necessary in today's world. Stick with them and you'll forget your manners.

People who never have time for you: Seriously, nobody can be that busy that they can't even make you a phone call once in a while. If they'd never give you the time of the day, you don't have to either.

People who're incapable of sympathy: These people hang out with you always but seem to suddenly disappear during your sad moments or low points in life when you need them the most. Its like they can't stand anything unhappy. Sure some people find it uncomfortable to console coz they think they might not find the right words to say but the least they can do is be there for you and listen to you.

People who always expect you to sacrifice: You have to give up everything for them always. Sometimes you just get tired of being the giving person always.

People whom you can never satisfy: No matter what you seem to do, they are never satisfied or maybe you're just not good enough for them.

People who judge you based on your sex: You're a girl so you're a bimbo. You're a guy so you're an asshole.

People who are around you only coz of your fame or money: You know them, they're never around when you lose either of both.

People who judge you based on how educated and career-oriented you are: Oh yeah, they seem to be interested in only you're education and the job you do and if they find out you are uneducated or that you stay at home they treat you like you're a thick head and a good for nothing.

People who're always ignoring you: Its like when you're with them you're invisible. You go on talking but magically they can never hear you.

People who're always acting goody-goody: Who knows how good they're when nobody's around but they're always acting as if they never break rules and they make us feel ugly for indulging once in a while.

People who're always going hot and cold on you: Its like they suddenly wake up and decide they don't want to be friends with you anymore. They give you no reason, and are not willing to talk to you about it either. If they're thinking you're going to go begging after them, boy are they wrong, aren't they?

People who can never adjust with you: They will never accommodate or adjust with you when the going gets tough.

I'm done taking crap from people, and being treated like a doormat. I'm also done being mature and being the big person always. These people are not good for your self-esteem and your general emotional health, and its usually a trauma being with them. They make you doubt your abilities and hate yourself so much that sometimes you want to punish yourself for being such a waste of space. They keep reminding you of your limitations and flaws and you find yourself making excuses for them thinking that you're the one who's made some mistake, and boy are you right about that, the mistake you're making is not dumping their sorry ass. They also make you feel like you don't deserve anything good and that you are a good for nothing loser. You do not want people to limit you from being free and doing what you want. I know sometimes its ok to forgive and cut them some slack but if people want to be such douche-bags all the time then its high time they're taught a lesson and the best way to do is avoid them or just give them a cold shoulder. People have to learn to be considerate and accommodating of others feelings instead of being morons all the time. Have you encountered any other such people who you are happy to avoid without any regrets? Please do share them in the comments below.

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Ramesh said...

Phew. That is some list. True what you say, but there are many shades of grey and perhaps we can tolerate some of the follies of man. Perhaps, tolerate some and avoid if inevitable.

rads said...

@Ramesh: You can forgive a person once or twice, but if they want to be such douchebags always then they are better avoided...I'm done taking crap from people and hence the list, since I have a list for everything :)

Pranita said...

Hey Rads,

Lovvvd the list...! True.. very long... But holds good... u ve managed to cover almost all the categories... even some of my own... i better avoid those qualities/faults in me b4 sm1 begins avoiding me! ;-) Cheers!

rads said...

@Pranita: Thanks and welcome to my blog :) Nobody's perfect, I have a lot of flaws too, the post is more of an analysis in general, I'm sure you're a gr8 person to get to know :)

Dee........ said...

what are you made of ?
are you a type writer in your prev birth ? JOKE APART...
AWESOME LIST, great analysis and prescription...
EVERYONE HAS FLAWS :) as you said !

rads said...

@Dee: :D yeah I do type fast but not that fast and this post did take up a lot of time. Frankly I never thought ppl will like this list coz a lot of us see ourselves in one or more of the ppl to be avoided and nobody likes reading about that. But the list was more a list to myself than to anybody else and I have met all the mentioned kind of ppl, atleast once in my life, guess I just had the knack of meeting the wrong ppl always :D

But Thanks :)