Beating these Winter Blues

Admitting it, winter's the most horrible and brutal season. Getting out of bed early in the morning, taking a shower, and going out seem to be the worst things ever. Everything seems so dull, drab, and gloomy. Makes one wanna hibernate until the sun comes out. There's no way you can even think about going for a walk without covering up yourself with layers and layers of winter wear unless you wanna suffer with hypothermia. Dressing up takes so much time, you just wanna give up the entire thought. Its depressing! All you wanna do is sit in your comfy sleep robe with a book in front and a hot chocolate drink in your hand. Sounds cozy doesn't it? but we can at-the-max spend time that way maybe for an hour or two. What then? So I made a list of things (yeah, I'm a list maniac, like you didn't know that already, if you're a regular reader of my blog) that I do to beat these winter blues, maybe you can try them out too.

---> Reading: Like I already mentioned, this is the time to read all the books that have been pending all through the year. Hit the public library, or warm your tablets/e-book readers and make a list of all the books you would like to read, and begin it today.

---> Writing: If you have a habit of filling in the journals and haven't had time to do it until now, winter's the time to dig them out and fill them up, or like me, you can just blog.

---> Cooking: Yeah I never thought I'd say this but when you have to be stuck at home most of the time, you'd find that cooking is the best way to pass time and learn something, or just be creative. Team up with a friend to make this more enjoyable.

---> Photography: Can be done indoors too, this is the time to explore food, low light, portrait, and macro areas of photography. This is very time consuming and enjoyable at the same time.

---> Painting: If you love painting then bring in some supplies and start experimenting, who knows you might create a da-vinci of your own.

---> Exercise: Unfortunately winter's the time we put on a lot of weight coz we're stuck at home most of the time. So, in order to change that and look fab for spring/summer, join a gym or yoga class and shed those calories. You can also invite some friends and do aerobics at home if you're not into visiting the gym regularly.

---> Parties: Host a party at home, everybody loves that. catch up with friends you've been missing, and find out what's going on in their lives.

---> DIY Projects: If you're into crafts, then winter's the best time to take up some projects like, beading, needle and thread work, wood work, wall hangings etc., let your creative juices flow.

---> Couch Time: Yes, winter's when you should catch up on all your favorite movies and tv shows that you love and wanted to watch again and again. Plan this with family or friends to make it more fun.

---> Indoor Games: You know them, chess, monopoly etc., have some game nights with friends or family, and make it a party, even better.

---> Cleaning and Decorating: Yeah, I'm sorry but winter's the time for fungus and mildew, so clean as much as possible and as many times as you can so that you're spring cleaning becomes easy, and seems less of a task. You can also re-decorate your homes to make them more bright and sunny to make up for the dull weather outside.

---> Plan for Getaways: Plan for vacations you want to take during spring or summer and ways to save for them. You might also like having one during winter to a sunnier place like Florida.

So getting stuck at home doesn't seem so bad huh? What do you do to beat the winter blues and what do you think of my way of doing it, let me know in the comments below, while you're enjoying you're cuppa joe :)

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Ramesh said...

Run away from Chicago until June :):)

rads said...

@Ramesh: I wish! you think I haven't my luck would have it I'm always forced to take trips to India during summers and stay back here during winters, coz all good things like weddings etc., are all during i had to figure out ways to keep myself happy during winters in Chicago.

Amrit said...

No real winter in NC. So we are okay and can be outdoor too ...ain't you jealous

rads said...

@Amrit: OH wow no real winter in NC? global warming seems to get real day by day...we haven't had snow this season until the mid of jan and probably we'll have it till mid of I'm not really that jealous :)