Dinner and Fireworks!

The poor husband was down with flu but I did not let that deter us from enjoying the New Year's Eve (NYE), especially coz its going to be the most hyped 2012, and we all might die soon :D. Nah! I don't believe in all that nonsense but I just didn't want to sit at home and sulk during NYE. So we decided to go to the pier, get some dinner and catch up with the fireworks display. And, being the photographer I am I had to take some shots and I had to share it with my beloved readers.

Navy Pier was beautifully decorated for NYE:

We had dinner at Capi's Italian Kitchen: Tomato Basil Soup, fresh Breadsticks with Alfredo white sauce followed by Chicaken Picatta, and ending with Romeo's Brownie Dessert (this reminds me of the Sizzling Dessert at a restaurant in Bangalore, Commercial Street). Yummy and heavy, hey we needed all the energy to walk to the other end of the pier for fireworks!!

The early fireworks display this year was for 10 minutes, and these were some of the awesome moments of them all:

There would be another 10-15 min. display at 12 midnight but it was really cold and the husband didn't have it in him to stay any longer. So we headed back and on our way back I took some shots on Michigan Avenue:

You can find atleast one of these huge limousines whenever you are on michigan avenue or anywhere downtown in Chicago.

Someone was taking a horse ride on NYE, cute :)

We came home, really tired, called and wished our friends and families in India, and called it a day! How was your NYE, hope y'all had gr8 fun, Happy 2012 Everyone!

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Ramesh said...

You actually went out on a winter's night in Chicago ???? For that you deserve the bravest woman award !! :)

Nice way to ring in the New Year. Have a wonderful 2012.

rads said...

@Ramesh: This isn't the first time we went out on winter nights, and in fact this winter was not really that cold compared to the snow-filled winters we had over the past years...A few years ago I wouldn't even have dreamed of saying/doing that but here I am...Thanks and Happy New Year!

Rads said...

Happy New Year to you too..from one Rads to another :P :P :D :D :D

rads said...

Thanks Rads :) it does sound weird to say my own name when addressing someone else...but this is not the first time...so I'm a little used to it. Welcome to my blog and Thanks for visiting...