Hate Them Situations

Hatred is an easily produced emotion depending on the situation and a person's comfort levels. It is circumstantial and if we observe closely we will find out that we hate someone or something more only when we're having bad days. When we hate a person there's always a reason that is more to do with us than to do with them. Hate and anger are closely related and when we hate someone it is usually associated with anger produced out of say, grief. All I'm saying is that, hatred is a feeling that it is often situational. For example, I hate the peanut butter flavor becoz the first time I tasted it was when I was not in the mood for anything oily/buttery and was already full with a heavy meal. So, when I tasted it, I felt the bitterness and chunkiness of unwanted and hard to digest peanuts on my mouth rather than its buttery awesomeness, and now whenever anyone says peanut butter I just imagine that horrible feeling I had when I first tasted it and hate it immediately without even thinking about how good it might taste had I been really hungry or if I had been craving fats.

When we are low and down we need something to lift up our spirits and make things easy for us, but instead, if we're faced with something that irritates us more, we immediately hate it and that hate as I explained is more to do with our situation than with the persons or things we are hating at that moment. We just choose to throw our frustration at them coz we're weak, we can't hate ourselves anymore than we already do, and we have no other choice at that moment except to get rid of all that pain in some way. In such cases, the easiest way is to hate stuff around us.

When a person is being rude to us, it always doesn't mean they hate us, it also means that they are having a situation where our presence is making it more difficult for them to breathe easily. We might not know it but we might be suffocating them with something other than the strong perfume we chose to wear. But we do not normally understand this coz we live in a world that supports WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) but what about the unseen anger and pain that the person is suffering that we do not know about? I think we should stop being more selfish and think about others once in a while before judging them and calling them rude and concluding that they hate us. Maybe they do, but that hate is more to do with them than it is to do with you. A deaf person hates hearing people not coz they treat them bad but coz they hate themselves and God for making them deaf and it is a situation they cannot change. They are stuck with it for the rest of their lives whether they like it or not and hence their grief is shown as their anger and hatred on others who are blessed with hearing. They're jealous of privileges that hearing people have and sometimes its just plain difficult for them to express it easily.

Life is never easy for anyone in spite of all the privileges some might have. Sometimes people just hate anybody who hates them maybe coz they are just tired of being hated by everyone or maybe they have this obsessive need to be liked by everyone. That again is situational and more to do with them than with others. All I'm saying is there's always a condition, a circumstance, a state of things, and some reason behind why we do what we do and hate is a part of all that. Its complex, but unfortunately in our busy rate race of lives we do not have time to cut down the complexities and understand what's behind them so we just ignore everything and decide to do the simple and easy thing which is to hate everything around us. Its easy to be angry and throw things rather than to sit and talk or just mull. Talk, that's one important thing that can avoid sticky situations and make each other hate less and love more. If we can find the time to talk and explain each others situations and understand why we are what we are and why we did something then it would be a lot easier on our heart and the people around us.

The ultimate aim is to be happy and we cannot be happy if we're around someone we hate and its the same with the other person so in order to make ourselves happy we avoid the confrontation and ignore or just block out everybody and everything we hate just to have some moments of bliss. But for how long can we go on doing that? life has a way of throwing us together with people and things we hate all the time, and sometimes its inevitable, so to make this easy on ourselves why not come to a truce where both parties compromise and deal with it like adults.

Observe, think, perceive, talk, and explain more so that you can hate less. Spread love, not hate, you don't want to die knowing ppl hate u or vice versa. Hope you liked my therapy session :) Have a nice day!

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Ramesh said...

Good therapy session !! Have a nice day too.

rads said...

@Ramesh: Thanks :)