Indo Western Dressing Styles

I think I'm blessed coz I'm an Indian who embraces both the Indian and Western dressing styles and becoz of which I get to combine them both sometimes without having to shop for new dresses especially when I'm bored with the usual outfits. Mixing and Matching is my way to go, so I thought why not mix and match Indian and western dresses, like everybody else seems to do these days. I got inspired to do this from my last visit to India when I saw that people were happily and casually combining jeans with kurtis (Indian tunics), and tee shirts with patialas (Punjabi dress bottoms). There have been some examples quite a few years back but not everybody was readily accepting these and hence there were not really very many options in stores. But recently all that has seemed to change and I've seen stores carrying a wide variety of designer wear on the lines of these newly found indo-western trends. Here are some examples I found online:

From what I have seen, short kurtis (as in the above picture, left) are usually paired with any style and cut, full length or cropped jeans, and skirts while slightly longer or knee-length kurtis (which were usually worn with patiala pants traditionally) are paired with straight cut/skinny jeans, leggings/jeggings, and cropped jeans/pants. The kurti-jean version can also be accessorized with scarves. Kurtis come in short sleeved, long sleeved, mid length, and sleeveless designs.

Now since kurtis are paired with jeans instead of patiala pants, the only thing left was to team up tee shirts with patialas :D (I know, its so cliche and funny but I also find it a genius invention). Someone must have suddenly thought that, why do indo-western has to be only kurti and jeans, and what about the tee shirts and patialas, so they came up with this crazy idea. At first I thought ugh! weird, but I've seen a lot of ladies wearing it and they are actually pulling it off irrespective of their build, age, and height. But unlike the jean-kurti versions, this outfit only looks good with long tee shirts.

I guess it all started with Kareena Kapoor wearing these outfits in Jab We Met, a rom-com hit film back in 2007. Just like her character in the film, these outfits scream "crazy chick" with a "just do it" and careless attitude, who doesn't give a damn what the world seems to think of her. They are the best for everyday casual wear without the fuss. They just show how much Indian women love adopting both Indian and Western styles. I also think these styles are traditional and yet in an untraditional way, especially when you want the Indian in you to show without being completely Indian. They are so out of the box and gen-x.

Also I think flats are the best way to go with these outfits, especially the kolhapuri kind, they are best for the Indian roads too. Oh! how I wish I was in India right now, where every season is like summer, so I can wear my kurtis and patialas. Have any of you ladies tried these styles, and how do you like them, let me know in the comments below.

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Amrit said...

Rads, you too going into fashion blogging.

rads said...

@Amrit: Well fashion is something I have always liked and by not including that part of my life in my blog I felt like I was cheating on it, coz my blog is ME, and it shud speak about me...but don't worry I'm not turning into a total fashion blogger if that's what you is just one of the many topics I like to blog about...