Running a Blogathon

Have been meaning to write this for a long time and found it in my drafts, and thought now would be a great time to post it. Not becoz I'm planning on doing one, but come to think of it, it may not be a bad idea, coz it might for once help me to be more regular on my blog. Running a marathon of blog posts is not everybody's thing and though some are naturally good at it, some might encounter a writer's block from time to time. This post is just a list of stuff for all those people who have lost their mojo or are experiencing a writer's block, and for those who want to run blogathons, these might be some great options which you didn't know you were looking for: let this list be your muse.

--> Become a member of Blog-aTon and blog on the topics listed by them every month.
--> Become Wordless from time to time, there's nothing wrong with it.
--> If you decide to blog for every day for a month, you can get prompts for every month from BlogHer's NaBloPoMo. Or, you can host your own NaBloPoMo by publishing one post every day for a month on your favorite topics.
--> NaBloWriMo is another blogger who supplies prompts to bloggers for the month of October, now why only October, I have no idea, but this is a great idea.
--> If you are a graphic designer/painter/doodler or any kind of illustrator really, you can get your muse from Illustration Friday.
--> BigHugeLabs has a blog title generator with some random ideas that might interest you.
--> has a list of topics you might want to write about and I think its a great list for newbies.
--> Oneword a day to help you to just concentrate on writing without thinking.
--> Help by saving extinct or going to extinct words by blogging about them. You can get the list from SaveTheWords. I think its a unique and wonderful idea, and the website seems fun.

If these websites haven't helped you or if its not what you're looking for then here are some more tips:

--> What did you do today, just blog about it, don't think.
--> Write about your hobbies, or just some random stuff that you like to talk about, simple!
--> Make up your own traditions like music monday, fashion friday, etc., I've seen a lot of bloggers doing this.
--> Join a few blog communities, they usually host these contests for giveaways where you have to blog about a certain topic. Its a win-win for everyone involved.
--> Take up tags and don't shy away just becoz you have to disclose personal information. You could be discreet without your readers getting suspicious ;)
--> Host giveaways, everybody loves freebies :))
--> Ask your friends to guest blog for you.
--> Split your posts into parts if they're too lengthy.
--> Follow other blogs to get some inspiration, blog hopping clears your mind and you can have a fresh start after you get back to your blog.
--> Accept readers' requests, and take advice from family/friends/readers by asking them what they want to see on your blog. You can do this on websites like or you can have a poll on your blog. This could even be your next blog post :)

Blogposts are not books, so keeping them short, sweet, and simple is the best way to go. Nobody likes reading lengthy posts with long and confusing sentences unless they have a lot of time to waste. Also using plain and simple English saves time and energy for both you and your readers. That way you wont be sweating too much for a single blog post. Quality of a post is more important than the length and quantity. Adding pictures helps too. Make use of white space by breaking down text into paragraphs or lists so that the post doesn't look cluttered. Avoid jargon or repeating sentences just to increase the length of your post, its not cool. Be honest about whatever you write, that is the easiest way to blog more. Let your creative juices flow and do not think about anyone or anything while composing your post. After all its your blog and you have the right to write about anything you want.

Having said all that, I'd like to dedicate this post to all those bloggers who have suddenly decided not to blog and seemed to have disappeared totally. You know who you are, I wish you could get back to blogging again, I really miss reading your blogs, my google reader's almost always empty and I would really like to see more posts from you guys. Hope this post inspires you to blog atleast once in a while. This post is also for all those newbies who have just started blogging or who have no idea what blogging is all about but want to start a personal blog, just go ahead and do it, you know you want to. Blogging is fun and relaxing, its not always a job, it is sometimes just a way of expressing yourself and connecting to the world. Blogosphere is such a great place to do just that and it would be a shame not to use it. If you think in the same way you should blog too. All the best :)

Do any of you have any more ideas that could help bloggers from getting stuck, and give them ideas to blog more often? Please do share your thoughts in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you.

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Ramesh said...

Lovely post Rads and a treasure trove of links.

Bloggig is tough sure. Easy to start but difficult to maintain the tempo. But its so so rewarding; so really worth the effort. A huge ingredient required is determination to carry on.

Massively appreciate this post of yours.

rads said...

@Ramesh: What a coincidence, I was just commenting on your blog while you were obviously commenting on mine...Thanks :) Just wanted to encourage fellow bloggers for a change. You're right blogging definitely has its advantages, the effort never goes wasted.

mythri n said...

The list is certainly tempting-hoping this brings good old writing back into life.
Thanks for the inspiring list!

rads said...

@Mythri: You're welcome :) So does this mean I'll see some posts from you...hoping to :)