Creative Gesture for V-day

So its a week before Valentine's and I was thinking how about going creative, using a more imaginative and hands-on gesture for your loved one this v-day? Forget the expensive gifts, dining out and all the other routine stuff that you have been doing every year. Show that you care for the real thing more than the fancy smancy stuff that people seem to associate v-day with. The real deal is that you love one another and you just have to express it by making an effort coz v-day is not an opportunity to spend money and splurge; it is to show someone that you care and love them no matter what.

Ofcourse you care for them and love them everyday but how often do you pause to express it and really make an effort to do it instead of just throwing money at every chance you get. All I'm saying is keep it simple, and sweet with a personal touch. Show that you care and mean it. How hard is it to spend some time on creating a card and write some words of love like you mean it. I'm all for it. If you think this is cheap then there's nobody shallower than you are. Buying a last minute card from a drugstore is cheap, drawing a hurried heart with a pencil on a crushed paper is cheap, and plucking a flower from the garden just before your wife/husband wakes up, coz you just remembered its v-day, is sneaky and cheap. It just shows how little you care and that is not what I'm talking about. If you really care, make it personal and more you rather than a box of Russel Stover candy; its like your v-day is about some guy called Russel Stover who makes candy in all shapes, instead of it being about you two.

How to make it more personal and romantic than candy you ask? well, why don't you make that candy all by yourself? Try this recipe by Nags, it is so easy even a child can whip it up. Its a no-bake, no cook, eggless, no hassle and the easiest chocolate brownie recipe. It looks so yum. Now that is what I'm talking about. You can also add a card like the below picture, to it: all made by you. You can try it here. I drew the basic outline and then went on to process it in my painting software. It took me less than a minute to do it but it could be better if you spend more time on it. You can then print it out and add your message, and I mean your own words, don't copy-paste from the internet, its so cliche. Maybe you could write a story about the day you met.

As for me, along with the card, I'm planning on doing some baking. The husband loves cookies and especially peanut butter, and he keeps buying them from bakeries whenever he finds them. So I thought I'll bake him a batch and surprise him. Lets just hope they'll come out well, fingers and toes crossed.

I think this is the easiest recipe I've come across so far. Just three ingredients and no hassle. Last year I made this and the recipe was from here. Seriously it can be done in 5 min and it was so yummy.

What have you planned for v-day, don't tell me you're buying an expensive gift. What do you think about my ideas? Do you have any more of such ideas? Please do share, I'd love to hear from you.

PS: This is my 100th post. Never thought I'd come this far, what with me being MIA all the time. But I'm so excited coz I did it inspite of everything and this is more than enough encouragement for me to keep going. Thank you all for encouraging me and my blog. Lets just hope this continues.

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Rekha said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. Thatz a milestone indeed! keep going... :)
I always enjoy reading your blog as I can relate it to myself!


i like your post :X

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Ashwini C N said...

Yes. That's a Really good idea. Its when the gifts have a personal touch that they really mean a lot, rather than just showering the other with expensive gifts, just for the sake of it!

Sujana said...

Hey! My sister actually made peanut butter cookies with the EXACT same recipe from that website. They tasted really yummy and it's easy to make. I'm sure they'll turn out great :D

Thank you for visiting my blog :) I'm your newest follower!

rads said...

@Rekha: Thanks Rekha...I'm glad you do :))

rads said...

@Asian Girl: Thanks :) Welcome to my blog.

rads said...

@Ashwini: Thanks :) I'm glad you're with me on this. Welcome to my blog.

rads said...

@Sujana: LOL that's a gr8 coincidence and thanks for the heads up, now I'm more confident...Welcome to my blog and Thanks for following :)

Daisy said...

that looks really delicious :)

xoxo Daisy

-> MY BLOG <-

rads said...

@Daisy: Thanks and Welcome to my blog :)

Deferred Brilliance said...

Nicely written. I liked your style of writing ... For V-Day, as far as guys are concerned i guess for them remembering the day and wishing their beloved in time is a high enough a target to set,, anything that they do beyond that is a bonus :).

Zach George said...

Expensive gifts are passee. You made right choice by going for a personal touch. All the best! And Cgz ob ur 100th. More power to you :)

rads said...

@Deferred Brillaince: Thanks :) Welcome to my blog. And yes you're right about guys, remembering dates is a huge thing for them.

rads said...

@Zach George: Thanks :) and Welcome to my blog. I'm always up for creative things.