Nothing's a Waste

The husband and I were having a discussion at dinner yesterday night and he said something that got me to thinking and I started wondering about why I have never babbled about it before on my blog coz it is such a known thing and very commonly known to everyone. So what he said was "Nothing is a waste" Isn't that so true? It all depends on our perception of things and different people have different POVs but seriously nothing in life is really a waste, we just have to look for that one or many ways with which we can make things work. But considering the fact that we live in a world of WYSIWYG, we are too tired of contemplating and looking for ways to make things useful. There is no way we are trying to spend time going in pursuit of mysterious and hidden meaning to the existence of something. We just want everything to be easy and smooth and handed to us on a platter and whatever easy is on the offer or easy to understand we just grab it like a dress in discount sale and find momentary happiness in that. If viewing something in a particular way is easy for us we just opt for that coz it makes living easy for us.

Everything and everybody is there on this earth for a reason, you just have be on the lookout with your minds eye. You might not need something that is in front of you but someone else somewhere might find it useful. Throwing something useless into a waste basket is easy. So if you see something as waste, go look out if someone else needs it, and hand it to them. My mum follows this very efficiently and is a very good example. She never throws anything away, and says that everything has its value and it might be useful some day. She never wastes food, clothes and a lot many other things. She either gives them away to the needy or charity or stores them until she finds someone who can make use of something she didn't need, in a proper way. My mum also always considered herself as a waste of space coz she doesn't earn money like my Dad does and since her education/degree was not being put to use like she thought. But would the charity organizations think that way about her? would me and my brother think that way about her? never! coz she did such a good job of raising us into fine human beings and she is nothing close to being a waste of space. So what I'm trying to say is don't be blinded and selfish, see for ways to make use of everything around you, and you'll definitely find a way to make them work. Stale food might not appeal to you but its a treat to a street dog. And you have become God to that dog by providing it with some much needed food.

Never see yourself as a waste. There maybe some people who consider you a waste of space but maybe you were not born to be useful for that particular pack of people. Maybe you were born to be useful to someone else in a different way. You just have to be open to notice that. There is no way a person cannot be useful for anything or anybody on this earth. God isn't stupid and we were all created for a reason.

When I came to US after quitting my much loved job I only always saw it as a job lost and time being wasted but if I look at it in a time spent well kind of way then I did enjoy seeing a new place, got time to explore some much loved things like photography and graphic art. If I had been stuck in my job I would never have been able to do all this gr8 stuff, so my time was not really wasted, I just chose to look at it in a different and might I add a pessimistic way. Being negative and surrounded by negative people or negative energy does that to you too I guess. So maybe I lost my job for a reason, coz maybe I was meant to find some much useful and important ways to spend my time, like my marriage coz I remember when both the husband and I were working we almost never had time for each other.

My husband says that he has wasted a lot of his life during college and chose a wrong path and because of that he's stuck with a career that he doesn't enjoy much and would never even have dreamed of spending days coding in another life. But he also believes that his time was really not wasted coz he now knows that it was meant to meet someone like me and he wouldn't have traded that for anything. Yeah, maybe the path had been painful and difficult but you wouldn't know the value of something unless you have seen pain, no pain no gain right? so enough with the cliches, all I'm saying is, nobody or nothing in life is a waste and you or anybody has no right to call it a waste. There's always something useful about everything, even time wasted could have a useful and good outcome which you sometimes do not notice.

You might say that storing all useless stuff can be cluttering your life and you want to declutter it but I'm not saying you have to sit on a pile of junk. Just declutter your life in a useful way by passing on the stuff you don't need to someone who needs it or try to make use of things in a creative way, like for example, did you know that you can try making wall hangings with Popsicle sticks? or that pistachio nuts can be used in a piece of art? Yeah, I've seen people doing it. Don't throw the leftover rice during dinner but make it useful by making something with it during breakfast in the morning. Don't fancy the shade of your lipgloss anymore? Just clean the applicator with an anti-bacterial wipe or a cleaning agent and give it to someone who likes the shade.

If you always sit thinking "this is a waste" or "that is a waste" and "this/that was a total waste of time", you will never find or make anything good or useful out of it. You might have spent 3 hours watching a flop movie but maybe you needed that to learn a lesson that you should never watch flop movies anymore and spend that time sleeping instead. So the time spent actually taught you something useful. Many people told me that I'm wasting time with blogging but if I hadn't I would never have met some great blogger friends and I would have missed out on a lot of knowledge sharing. And I chose to think it as time well spent and not wasted. I learnt many useful things through blogging and I consider that as an achievement.

It all comes down to how we perceive things. So make a choice today, don't think something is a waste but go look for ways to make it useful or wait for that moment where you'll realize that it will be useful. My uncle once threw away age old scriptures written by an ancestor thinking its nothing but junk but later he came to know how precious those things were when a museum came asking for them to be placed in one of their displays. So don't just live in the moment and blind yourself to thinking something is useless coz when you realize that it is something in fact priceless you might regret it.

Having said all that, I will now get back to cutting some coupons so that I can go grocery shopping and save some pennies to fill my second penny jar. I might find some use for them one day. A penny for your thoughts?

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Dee........ said...

Excellent piece.. AN ELIXIR :D
my dad always use to say these, NOTHING IS WASTE and NONE IS USELESS..
wow post... i love your perspective and honestly i won't read such paragraphs stuff.. this one is an exception :D
U ROCK \m/

rads said...

@Dee: Thanks so much :) You're Dad is definitely philosophic and he is right...I honestly didn't expect anybody to read such a long post, but the title says it all...the whole post is just an elaboration...thanks for reading it :)

Pranita said...

Want more in common between us? My mom exactly the way u described urs! :D

I tel her over n over agn to look at her from my eyes, my dad's eyes.. cos according to us, she's the best cos she has kept us al together all the time! But mothers, they never take credit for the things they do and feel hopeless instead! Sigh!

Totally agree with this post.. i ve always tried seeing every thing in diffrnt light.. nothing is a waste, and everything happens for a reason... We just havto find it! :)

rads said...

@Pranita: LOL I guess most of the stay-at-home moms can be described that way...they always have this low self esteem which is totally unnecessary...I'm glad u agree with me :)

Kajal said...

Very straight from the heart post. Love it and Nothing goes waste - it reminded me of my mom. Also very thought provoking... enjoyed:)

rads said...

@Kajal: Thanks :) and Welcome to my blog. I just speak my mind :)

Raphael said...

true that. nothing's a waste. it's just all about who looks at the same thing and how.


rads said...

@Raphael: Thanks :) I'm glad you agree with me..Welcome to my blog :)

Maya said...

Gud one..,
Very true even i never read such a big para's
But this one really simple and truly said.
Even i felt for wasting my time quitting my job after my marriage,But i did explored many things which i cud not have done if i was working...,taking life as a optimistic one..

rads said...

@Maya: Thanks :) and Welcome to my blog...It is indeed simple but very difficult when coming to implement it, that's what made me document it...thanks for reading :)

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Nothing goes waste,That is so true! Though a lot of mishappenings rain my life..a lot lately! I always stick to this one.It teaches us new things we ought to learn in life which we wouldn't have ,had this "mishappening" not happened.

And moms are the best.They are modest but deep down they are proud of what they do and how they keep the family together :)

rads said...

@Jen: Life is full of mishappenings, and we should be glad of that coz it teaches us something, to expect the unexpected always and be prepared...and you're right Moms are the best :)

JKHoNa said...

And this was read on 20th April or the 4/20 as they keep ranting on twitter! guess all Momma's are same and here is the case with me. Nothing's a waste! its just about a matter of our requirement!!

rads said...

@jkhona: Yep and there's always someone who require something or the other.