Your Handwriting to Font for Free

Ever since I got a request from one my readers, I've been looking for free warez or websites that offer free conversion of handwriting to fonts (ttf). I think its a great personalization of the web. Its exciting and not boring like the regular default fonts that we currently use. So, I found some websites that offer to convert your handwriting to fonts for free. All you need is a printer, scanner, and a good felt-tip pen (black preferred). Even if you don't have a printer/scanner you can go to a copy maker's and get them done for $5 to $10.

MyScriptFont: I think this is the easiest way to convert your handwriting into fonts. It is a free online font generator that has a template which you can download and fill. You can then scan it and upload it, name your font, select the type of font you want, and hit send. I don't know how long it will take to convert your file to TTF/OTF/SVG but I think it depends on your internet speed. If you're satisfied with your generated font, you can Donate.

AmandaFonts: Amanda at converts your handwriting to font for free. Just follow some rules on her website to send her the best possible scanned file, and she'll let you know if and when she's done. She might not bother to take up the task if she feels like you haven't done your homework and sent her a sloppy file. The scan and writing have to be clear. She doesn't promise to convert every file she gets. Also she loves doing doodles so send some and she might happily take up your project.

Have you come across or tried any website that converts your handwriting to font? Please leave a link to the website in the comments. Also, I'll keep updating this post whenever I find anymore such websites.

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