Wardrobe: Clothing Staples

I'm currently in the process of re-building my wardrobe and am looking for keepers that deserve some closet space and hence thought I would do a post on what I consider are some must-haves. And I'm definitely not going to start with the LBD (little black dress) like everybody else does coz I'm not an LBD kind of a person. I'm more of a pant and skirt wearer, and I'm also not a great fan of the color, although, it is definitely a staple. Trends keep changing and so will our love for colors but these items, according to me, are evergreen and are a must in everybody's closet no matter what the runway trends, or fashion gurus seem to think we must have. These items are a classic and never go out of fashion so we can enjoy splurging on them confidently.

- A white shirt: A basic cotton, button-down white shirt is a must whether short sleeved or long sleeved. There are numerous number of occasions we will be needing one and it is an essential.
- Basic blue denims: Who can do without them.
- A pair of light colored and dark colored cardigans: A cream/white/baby pink cardigan and a black/brown/dark blue cardigan are a must. The light colored cardigans can be paired with darker shirts and vice versa.
- A black pant suit: Good for office and other formal occasions. A true classic and never runs out of fashion.
- Black flats and/or pumps: Black ballet flats and black pumps can be worn on so many occasions and to so many places. If you're not a heel person you can get a pair of more formal black shoes with say, an inch high heel.
- A couple of basic colored tee shirts: Both long sleeved and short sleeved would do. I have one navy blue short sleeve tee and one brown long sleeve tee. They're perfect when you have no time to dress up coz you can just pull over a tee and rush off.
- A grey/cream trench: A basic wool trench coat is good for fall, spring, and winter.
- Snow/rain boots: A must must must.
- Black formal skirt: An a-line or a slightly pleated skirt is a savior many times.
- Black or navy blue silk blouse: Can be worn formally or casually.
- Flip flops: For the summers and beach weather.
- Well fitting bras and seamless panties: Well, enough said I guess.
- Camisoles and tanks: Both light (cream/white/pastel yellow) and dark (black/navy blue/brown) colored ones to pair them with sheer shirts or just to layer them with cardigans.
- Thermal wear: For horrible winters.
- Black and cream leggings: For way above the knee dresses or skirts.

Later I'll do staples for accessories, and jewelry, coz an outfit is not complete without them.

Do any of you ladies have a list of clothing staples? What do you think about my list? Please do share your ideas.

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Nabanita said...


Megha Sarin said...

Good post! We all women should have wardrobe essentials!


mythri n said...

I've not followed the rule, not sure when i'll start. But I recently added LBD and love it! Using it as skirt when in dire need and easy to switch when going out after work.

rads said...

@Nabanita: Thanks :) I'm glad you do. Welcome to my blog.

rads said...

@Megha: Yep we should but mine necessarily may not be everybody else's .. this is just my list and suits my needs but I guess everybody has such a list.

rads said...

@Mythri: LBD is a great choice but I'm not a dress person hence the absence from my list...and I just started doing this decluttering, it takes time but you'll get there..and once you start doing it you'll automatically know what you need most essentially.

AmitAag said...

...but why only ladies Rads? Innovative men can also get ideas from here!

Kajal said...

wonderfully drawn up list... so perfect..A must have in a wardrobe..

rads said...

@Amit: I said ladies coz all the stuff I mentioned is related to a girl's wardrobe.. and I didn't think guys would be interested in it..but I guess guys can be inspired too if they're fashion conscious.

rads said...

@Kajal: Thanks :) Took a lot of time and thinking and letting go to get the list.

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

This is great Rads!! I should try out all that is on that list :D

rads said...

@Jen: Thanks sweety :) Go ahead and get them coz they'll never be a waste of money.