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No matter how hard tries to redefine its layouts and styles, I still do not find something that would suit my blog and most of the other blogs I read. Even though many of them just use the default templates and customize them to suit their blog, there's still so much more one can do to make their blog look the part. I think a blog design/theme is as important as its content. It should be attractive enough for a reader to want to stay long enough and browse through the blog and should also suit the content. In short, when a reader drops by your blog, they should immediately be able to tell what its all about. While don't judge a book by its cover does hold true for certain cases, there's nothing wrong with playing around and giving your blog the look it deserves. Here I have a list of websites dedicated to making that happen, I mean, websites that provide free quality templates and backgrounds for your blog.

FreeBloggerBackgrounds: Limited collection but has cute and simple templates with unique color combinations.

BTemplates: Visit here for some really good design and subject oriented templates.

TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock: Just like the name suggests, some of the cutest scrapbooky kind of templates I've ever seen.

HotBliggityBlog: Huge database of free backgrounds; I really love the ones with grunge textured designs.

BloggerTemplatesFree: Great designs and professional looking templates.

ShabbyBlogs: All the stuff you need to build your own scrapbook design for your blog.

DeluxeTemplates: Professional looking designs and subject oriented templates.

WishaFriend: Super cool layout designs, love the pattern and striped layouts.

BlogSkins: Great designs by amateurs and if you are one, you can submit yours.

FreeBloggerTemplates: A huge database of templates with great designs and professional looking subject oriented themes.

TemplatesBlock: Professional looking designs with simple themes.

EBlogTemplates: A very large collection of some really good high quality templates.

SplashyTemplates: Professional quality designs but limited collection.

RayTemplates: Cute looking designs.

SimplyBlogItBackgrounds: Simple backgrounds with cute scrapbooky and floral patterns.

LeeLouLayouts: Awesome scrapbook theme templates and backgrounds.

BlogTemplate4U: Another really good collection of blogger templates you wouldn't wanna miss checking out.

Some other resources giving you lists of such free templates worth installing on your blog.

HongKiat: The best from the web is collected and listed here.

InstantShift: A really good and huge collection of themed templates.

Do you like to go out of the usual and get something unique to suit your blog or do you stick to the default blogger templates? If you are using a unique design, please let me know where you got it and also if you are a designer, leave a link to your website in the comments below, I'd love to check it out.

I wish I could remember where I got my template, but its been so long, and I'm sure it must be there somewhere in the websites linked above. Hope you find what you need for your blog. Happy designing :)

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Megha Varshini said...

Thanks.. I like one template. will recommend it to my friend who was looking out for nice and new templates.

rads said...

@Megha: Cool! I'm glad to be of help. Will check out the giveaway. Welcome to my blog :)

Stylish By Nature said...

Nice post Rads !!

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rads said...

@Shalini: Thanks :) Sure will check out the giveaway.

Maya said...

That was a nice info..
Helpful for beginners like me..
Thank u

rads said...

@Maya: You're welcome :) I'm glad you found it useful. I just hope you'll find a template to suit your blog.

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Thank you Rads! I am definitely planning to change my blog look! Just for..some kinda change.I like new changes :)

Lotsa hugs and luv to you! :)

rads said...

@Jen: Cool! can't wait to see your new blog look..its good to go with changes once in a while...just for refreshing...lotsa luv to u too :))

Miss Iffa said...

This post is so useful! I was looking at some new blogger templates just yesterday too! Thanks!

I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! I am your newest, most avid follower. Your style is impeccable and your blog is just simply the epitome of perfection!


rads said...

@Miss Iffa: Thanks so much for such sweet words and thanks for following my blog too. Readers like you are an inspiration. I appreciate it :)

K said...

Great post!!!! I have been thinking Of changing up mine for a while now! Will def check it out!!!!

Love K

rads said...

@K: Glad I could help you out. Hope you find something useful for your blog. Thanks for dropping by :)