Free Online Storage and Backup

If you're tired of buying backup drives like me then maybe you can make use of these free services. They're not only free but some of them provide secured data storage. They mostly ask you to open a free account and download a software that allows you to either manually upload files to their servers or the software automatically performs the task during a scheduled time.

ADrive: Gives you free 50GB storage when you sign up for their free plan. This also includes sharing and editing your documents online. There's no data encryption for free accounts so I'm not sure how secure this will be. A very helpful video on how this works is here.

Dropbox: Download this software and sync it with your desktop computer, mobile, laptop etc., and all the files will also be copied automatically to your dropbox account online. Their basic plan is free and gives you 2GB storage space.

MyOtherDrive: Provides free 2GB online storage for your photos, files, and documents when you sign up. They also allow you to hotlink your files stored on their website. You can lock your data for security and privacy.

IDrive: Sign up for their basic plan to get 5GB free storage. You can sync all of your laptops, smartphones, tablets etc., into one single account. Download their software and install it. Encrypts your data to keep it secured.

Mozy: Provides 2GB free online backup. Allows file sync and provides encryption.

SpiderOak: Provides 2GB free storage and online backup. Allows syncing and sharing your files. Promises secure transfer of files.

FlipDrive: 5GB free and secure online backup. You can share your stored data with anybody and access your data from anywhere.

CloudX: Free 10GB data storage space. Allows file syncing and 2 users per free account. Not sure how secure it is though.

Box: Free 5GB online storage and backup. Allows file syncing and sharing. Doesn't talk about security for free accounts.

DigitalLifeBoat: Provides free 10GB storage with file encryption. Automatic backups and easy file restore are the only features available.

And last but not the least, your email account. Yes, you can email your important files to yourself in order to protect them from an unexpected hard drive crash. Just make sure your password is hack proof.

Though I'm not sure for how long these free services work and if there's an expiry date, you can't really argue when they're free. But one thing to keep in mind while uploading data to an online storage facility, always encrypt and lock your important files before doing it. Also, you never know when one of them decides to discontinue their service or when one of their servers is going to crash and lose all your files, so be careful about what you upload and make sure you have another backup of your important files somewhere else.

Have you tried any of these online backup services? Do you know of any other such websites? What do you think about them? Please share your thoughts.

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Ramesh said...

As always, an incredibly useful post. You've expressed the concerns well too - how secure re these and what happens if they stop service. Still this is far better than alternate backups. For example I back up on to a hard drive, but forget to do so for long periods of time and a backup in the same house is no backup really.

rads said...

@Ramesh: True, I always keep reminding myself to backup every week but keep forgetting, so signing up with one of these and scheduling automated backups sounds really good. Also it gives us an option of having multiple backups. And whether its secure or not? well, how secure is the data on our hard drives? anything can happen, they could be stolen or crash in an accident.

Backup Management said...

This is really incredible article and i read a lot of this kind of online backup article,It seem here that you have a lot of best of best online back.Thanks :)

rads said...

@Backup Management: Thanks :) I try to provide the best info for my readers so I do some research before posting anything and I do not post anything that I don't like or if I think its not very useful.