Spring on Nails

It's finally nice to leave your hands free of gloves and mittens and just let them feel the warm-cool breeze of spring. Though Chicago doesn't give us any real blossoms to stare at until May, spring can still be made colorful with bright clothes, makeup, or say, nAiLs! So I went to the drugstore to get some pretty springy colorful shades to pamper my nails during this season. And I thought I'll just share the sunshine and colorful feeling with this post.

I don't care what the runway trends and nail artists say I should wear on my nails, I'll just wear what I like and what I feel like wearing. And who cares what you wear under a pair of gloves, I say wear all shades in spring/summer when you can show it off. Like this perfect coral shade I've ever seen; I'm wearing this right now.

Another one I'm craving to get on my nails is the following bright blue color.

Nail Polish, I have always loved, I still remember my first nail polish which was from a company called Tips n Toes (I don't think it exists anymore) and the shade was a kind of a bright orange with golden shine and it was 18 Rs after bargain (lol). I used it many summers since nail polish was not something schools (I was in 3rd grade/std, I think) allowed us to wear regularly. Later I started wearing Elle18 which was then newly launched and my first shade was called Coral Kiss (I can't believe I still remember the shade's name) and it was, I think, 30 Rs. I also had a shimmery sky blue Eyetex shade which when I wore got weird looks from all my classmates in college, and it was just 15 Rs. A good nail shade can cheer me up easily whenever I'm in a low mood.

So what are you ladies (or gentlemen) wearing this spring / summer? Let me know, I'd love to hear.

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