Weekend Link Love

This weekend pretty much sucked, thanks to the unpredictable Chicago weather (seriously, it rained yesterday and its snowing today). No wonder I'm blogging on a Sunday. Anyways, I'm here to spread some link love and bring you some brew from around the web.

I wanna rant on like this too, that's how bored I am. Is that weird? I don't care.

Wondering where all those demotivational posters are coming from, on Facebook? This is where.

Trust Nokia to be stuck in the past and create something like this in the smartphone era.

Weirdly funny switcheroo project by a photographer. Wondering how the husband and I'll look.

India's love affair with gold. I'd say totally useless.

Real Men standing up for something worthy.

Tongue wrestle mania. Have always wondered I guess.

2012 World Press Photo of the Year awards. Some must-see photography.

Walk off the Earth indeed. Performance I've never seen before. Single Guitar cover.

New generation proverbs. Something for teachers to learn?

This woman took a photo of herself every single day for more than four and a half years. Maybe I should do that too, but then, I'm not so obsessed with my face.

This is the mood everyone should be even after getting married.

Tried this for lunch with brown basmati rice, minus the veggies and saw this movie while enjoying it.

Currently listening to this awesome song which is everywhere these days and deservingly so.

So what did you do this weekend or was yours boring too? Tell me, I wanna hear from you.

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Ramesh said...

Wow - that's exactly the way to spend a weekend when its brutal outside. In my parts is blazing hot. So I spent it driving some 700 kms. Which is something in Indian conditions !

rads said...

@Ramesh: Woah, driving for 700 kms under the blazing hot Indian sun!!! Hmm well atleast you were not stuck at home like us.

fashionistas stop said...

great great post hon!!
great blog too :D

maybe you have time to check my blog too :)

rads said...

@fashionistas stop: Thanks :) Welcome to my blog. Sure will drop by yours.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Nice post:)

rads said...

@Rahul: Thanks :) and Welcome to my blog.

Harish said...

Will check out some of the links, if not all. Thanks for sharing them..

rads said...

@Harish: My pleasure, welcome to my blog :)

Rohan Kachalia said...

Nice post... Something different :-)

rads said...

@Rohan: Thanks :) Welcome to my blog.

anniehere said...

Quirky post! The asshole song is kinda catchy :P

rads said...

@Annie: :D Well, boring weekends I guess...dat song cracks me up whenever I listen to it and then I wonder, isn't dat so true :)

Welcome to my blog.

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

This is a nice one Rads! Been ages since I came by to your blog!!:)I love the Kelly Clarkson song as well.Have you heard Hilary Duff's Stranger? :) An old song it is.

rads said...

@Jen: Glad you're back Jen :) I've been on a brk too, kinda...never heard Hilary Duff song, will chk it out.